Nicole has coached & trained thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, heads of state, celebrities and nonprofit CEOs.

Check out what these Change Agents who have worked with Nicole have to say:

Words cannot describe the depth of gratitude I feel for my extraordinary coach, Nicole Roberts Jones. Her expertise in the area of developing content for my parenting modules far exceeded my expectations. What I appreciate about Nicole is her uncanny ability to take your story and pull out the best in you so that not only your life is changed but also the lives of your clients are transformed. She is a true servant leader. Nicole’s unique skills are a reminder that gifts and talents may help you succeed but only excellence; character and integrity will keep you at the top of your industry. If you ever have the privilege and the opportunity to work with Nicole, you will be astonished by her expertise. She is truly one of the brilliant minds of the 21st century.

– Dr. Deborah L. Tillman. Lifetime Television’s America’s Supernanny & Founder of the Parenting Movement

She has the ability to lay out strategy, take complicated issues and put a plan in place that allows you to be able to see it

– Susie Carder, President, Motivating The Masses

I felt like I was able to immediately connect and I felt like Nicole got me and what I was trying to accomplish! I am a speaker, writer, and on this road to creating new stuff. My biggest ah ha moment from working with Nicole as my content development coach was her guiding me through the process of re-purposing my content. The other thing that has been valuable is her ability to help me with a systemic approach to it. I have all of these ideas and I’m trying to do them all at once. She’s been really good at helping me stay focused. She takes the pressure off of me in having to figure it all out but keeps me moving forward. She is that mindset coach. She helps me to get in the right frame of mind. Thank you Nicole for being smart and knowledgeable and for meeting my expectations!!!

– Chereace Richards, Speaker, Author & the 21st Century Woman Coach

I was blessed to have Nicole Roberts Jones along with Lisa Nichols on a VIP coaching day. That day changed my life and my business. It was Nicole’s idea for me to do a TeleSummit (I had no idea what that was) based on what I had said I wanted (have a viable business, and not do this alone). From her loving and insightful recommendation, I created the GREATful Woman Talks!™ TeleSummit that grew my list from 70 to 3000 in six weeks, paid for itself, and established streams of income that established GREATful Woman™ as a viable business I could run anywhere in the world. From GREATful Woman Talks!™, I won two awards in Spring 2014, and launched the TeleSummit Success™ business funnel. Nicole coaching is marriage of powerful and gentle, and she absolutely can transform your life or business, from the inside out.

– Stephanie Bavaro

Nicole really pushed me to start my program. After one meeting with her, where I thought I was just going to brainstorm about a program I wanted to start in the future, I walked away with action steps and dates to start my program NOW and within 3 months I launched my program. I’ve created a youth organization with her guidance, support and mentoring. Nicole, continue doing what you are doing. You are creating pipelines of healthy, motivated woman who care about the greater good. Thank you!

– Nurys Camargo, Founder, CHICA Project

Motivating the Masses increased the impact of our content by over 175% when Nicole started to apply her content system to our curriculum development. It’s created a tipping point in all of our offerings

– Lisa Nichols, Breakthrough Specialist, CEO, Motivating The Masses

Nicole has an uncanny ability to ‘see’ the barriers and blocks that clients are using as sexy excuses to NOT get their goals; and she’s a master at gently yet firmly nudging them to a place of acceptance so that they can truly reach for the stars they say they want to catch! How do I know? She does it for me.

– Jennifer Kem, Marketing & Brand Expert

Nicole Roberts Jones can reach deep within you and help you discover not only those things that have been holding you back from stepping into your full potential, but growing into the strong, fierce woman you were designed to be. If you’re a woman entrepreneur, in business or in a fast-paced career looking to make a change in your life or biz, Nicole is the FIRST person I would call! If you want BIG results and HUGE shifts, I wouldn’t give a second thought to working with Nicole. She’s world class!

– Monaica Ledell, President and Chief Visionary of

Nicole will tell you the truth where other coaches may not. She is not one of those coaches that will let you whine, she’s going to focus you to move beyond your story to get to the result of the story and how to move toward what you want. She keeps you accountable. What I know is, I’m going to reach that goal if I work with Nicole.

– Sophia A. Nelson, Esq., Author, The Woman Code: 20 Powerful Keys to Unlock Your Life



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