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Taniya Nayak is one of the nation’s foremost interior designers. She became a household name as a design expert member on HGTV and Food Network. Taniya owns a successful, Boston-based interior design firm, Taniya Nayak Design LLC., where she adds a fresh, clean look to both commercial and residential spaces.

During this episode, Taniya will share how she has shifted from her desires and dreams to an actual reality of success. She’ll talk about making bold moves in order to expand her personal and professional life.

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Deborah L. Tillman is a Consultant, Speaker, Author, Founder of Happy Home Child Learning Center, Inc., “America’s Supernanny” on Lifetime Television and President of The Parenting Movement a non-profit organization that seeks to rebuild and restores families worldwide.

Lifetime Television Executives have called her “a miracle worker” but Deborah humbly states that she is “a mom” and humble servant doing the work of the Lord with a LIGHT shining brightly for children and families everywhere.

During this episode, Deborah will share how she went from a super ‘succesfull’ accountant to America’s Super Nanny....

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Are you living by the principles of the Matthew Effect and utilizing the advantage your gifts and talents have aligned for you to receive?

In this episode, Nicole shares with you what the Matthew Effect is and utilizes its basis from a parable in the bible to teach you the five key insights that will help you move into the abundance that is your birthright. 

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Felicia Leatherwood has been a natural hair stylist in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. Her styles have been featured on such high profile acts as Oscar Award nominee Ava Duvernay ("Selma" director), Issa Rae of HBO's Insecure, megastar Will Smith, Grammy winner/R&B superstar Jill Scott, and the list goes on and on…

Felicia message is rooted in the idea of holistic health and fundamentally loving yourself.

During this episode, you will learn how to move forward into your gift with confidence and style despite what others say about you.

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Sybil Amuti is an executive brand strategist, podcast producer, and co-host, philanthropist, coach, wife, and mother.

For over 15 years, Sybil has delivered world-class strategy and brand direction to some of the world’s most renown personal, corporate, and philanthropic brands, such as Scholastic, Nike, Sony Entertainment, Target, Nascar, Disney, HBO, Tony Robbins, and more.

Grab your pen because Sybil will tell you how to shine bright like a diamond!

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