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3 Steps To Move into Your MORE!

If you joined me for my weekly Facebook Live on Tuesday morning, you know that I shared with you from the topic – “Why You Secretly Long for MORE!”

And what I have learned in the 20+ years I have been working with women to align your purpose with your paycheck, is that there are so many women out there that want more but are scared to go and get it! I am talking about women who are ALREADY successful.  You already have the career you always wanted.  Matter of fact you have the corner office, the title, the expense account…. You have it all and yet something is missing.  However, because you are already successful you feel guilty for wanting more.  Does that sound familiar?    Well the reason you have that rumble in your belly is because you’re done with where you are so stop settling for what you’ve already accomplished!  Yes there is MORE for you to do!

The sad fact is that most people believe that going after that rumble in your belly, which is tied to your purpose by the way, is only for a select few. They spend their days in a career that is good enough, focused on their paycheck instead of actually going after their abundantly above all!  Well if you are one of those women who are ready to go after your MORE and not sure where to begin, here are the 3 steps that will help you Move into Your MORE!

  1. Be Willing To Do It Afraid!  What I hear from most women who want to move into their more is that they are scared.They are scared that they won’t reach the same success they have already obtained as they transition to this new way of exercising their gift.  Well to that, I say ANYTHING you do that is great WILL BE SCARY!  Ask Ava DuVernay a little black girl from Compton who accomplished one insurmountable goal of being a publicist in Hollywood to actually leaving that to go after her MORE = following her REAL passion to become a director.    Let me tell you that when you are already successful, often times it is THAT success that keeps you in good enough!  And because your MORE is a new place you have never been in before, it is going to be scary so understand that feeling afraid is a normal part of the process. Just don’t let that fear paralyze you from moving toward your goals. Your comfort zone can keep you in very predictable spaces. So let go of your expectations of having to know and understand it all and accept that you just may need to…..
  2. Find Help! When you are setting out on a path you have never been on there are some things that you just aren’t going to know how to do. So stop trying to figure everything out and find someone to help you to move your vision forward.  Yes you have intellectual property to do this new thing but do you know the strategy you need to use or even how grow it into a business effectively?  One of my favorite quotes by A.R. Bernard is “The Tools You Used on This Level Are Not Sufficient For Your Next”and so you must invest in a coach, a program etc… that will give you the strategy you need to move into your MORE
  3. Create A Winning Strategy. Often times overwhelm and/or fear sets in because you are working without a real plan.  Many people think that launching a successful business begins with a business plan and while it does, I believe strategy is even more important.  Strategy is a long-term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal or a set of objectives. Strategy states how business should be conducted and without it, you have no plan of action which will lead you to a predictable result.   So YES having an expert that understands this NEW lane you are walking into and help you create a winning strategy is a MUST!

So if you want to successfully MOVE into your MORE you must stop looking for the shortcut toward the success that is yours for the taking.  Implementing these 3 steps PLUS so much more is why I am inviting you to join me on October 5 & 6 LIVE in Boston for my 2 Day Intensive, Be The Answer.  In 2 days, I will walk you through not just the tools you need or the insight that will allow you to build your business the right way but together we will create your Master Biz Plan that will give you the steps to take to build a profitable business.

What I know for sure is that if you read this far down in this article it’s because you know like you know that you want to build a successful business but you have either hit a plateau or you just don’t know in what ways to effectively plan your next move.

This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity for women entrepreneurs who are SERIOUS about making a difference and making money while you do it!  Learn more & register to join me at

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