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3 Reasons You Must Risk It All To Gain It All If You Want Your Business to Grow

I’m a huge Beyoncé fan and the whole notion of “Fierce” in my company was inspired by her stage persona, Sasha Fierce. However, one of the main things I love about Beyoncé isn’t her incredible voice, her larger than life productions, or even her ability to dance fiercely in heels for two hours across a concert stage. It’s really in her ability to continuously risk it all to gain it all.  To play bigger, live bolder and continue to out do herself. For example, in 2013, Beyoncé did something NO musician has ever done before: she dropped an entire album, complete with visuals for each song, without one ounce of promotion. What did this HUGE risk do?  It led to her selling over 800,000 copies of her album, and topping the charts at number 1 in 104 countries.

One of my main takeaways from Beyonce that an entrepreneur can learn from and apply to build a successful business is her willingness totake risks. Here are 3 reasons why you too must be willing to take risks if you really want expansive growth in your business:

  1. Your greatest reward is on the other side of your comfort zone –For instance, Tyler Perry is one of the most successful men in show business, but it all started with him taking a risk outside of his comfort zone. In 1992, he used all of his savings to put on his first play but unfortunately, the play was a flop and Mr. Perry had to live in his car.  Did that stop him? NO.   He continued to put his play up every year until it paid off, and finally, in 1998, some 6 years later, it was a success and the rest is history. What I know for sure in my own journey is that the thing we desire to achieve is right on the other side of our comfort zone. So, just like Tyler Perry, Beyonce, and countless other entrepreneurs who have found success, it is almost always on the other side of your comfort zone.
  2. Focus on growing deep. I was sitting in church a few Sundays ago when my pastor shared a principle so many of us overlook, which is the bigger the tree, the deeper it had to grow before it began to grow tall.  What does that mean for an entrepreneur?  While on your entrepreneurial journey, things don’t often pan out as quickly as you’d like for them to and sometimes, you can get so discouraged that you’re ready to quit.  Well, if you want to be strong and sturdy just like atree, you must know that the greatest growth in your business happens first when you can’t see anything happening at all (that’s the growing deep part).   There is no such thing as overnight success and when it is overnight, it does not last. Just ask any successful business owner.   True success takes diligent planning, pursuit, and dare I say, watering the seeds you have planted over time.  As a matter of fact, I see so many entrepreneurs I coach who are so focused on how many Facebook likes they have or how many people attended their virtual training.  They are focused on growing tall, but unfortunately, you can be Facebook famous and broke.  What you have to do is stick with it and know that steady work and growth are what allows your business to grow into profit, not likes on a Facebook page.
  3. Don’t Give Up! – In an interview with Fast Company, Arianna Huffington, the Co-Founder of the Huffington Post, talked about the time her second book was rejected by 36 publishers and how the Huffington Post debuted to some very mixed reviews. Thanks to her mother encouraging her and telling her that failure was only a stepping stone to success, she did not give up. “I strongly believe that we are not put on this Earth just to accumulate victories and trophies and avoid failures,” she said, “but rather to be whittled and sandpapered down until what’s left is who we truly are.”   Sometimes the biggest mistakes incurred by risk taking can bring you one step closer to your success and grow you in ways you needed to so that your business would grow in the process.  There’s also the strength you gain when you stare in the face of fear and move forward in spite of.  Fear could paralyze you but what you must learn to do is Do It Afraid.  After all, when you are taking a risk you are doing something you have never done before which means it will be scary.  Sometimes the anticipation of what could possibly go wrong, playing over and over in your mind can paralyze you, but once you actually take the step, fear no longer has power over you.

While risk taking can be scary, it’s even scarier to look back one year later and realize that you’re in the same place you were the year before. Only because you were not willing to risk it all to gain it all!  Not taking risks leaves you stagnate and slowly kills your dreams.  There’s nothing worse than saying, “I wonder what would have happened if…,” when you could be saying, “remember that time when…”._____


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