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In the continuation of our series on the 12 Things Successful People Do I Learned from Steve Harvey we are at #10 which is – They Maintain a Positive Outlook as they Learn from Their Mistakes

One of the greatest things I discovered in my life is all the ways I had limited my own existence simply by not finding the lessons in everything I have been through. Matter of fact, what I realize is just as the bible verse says “all things work together for the good” is that if once stopped allowing the negative things that have happened to me, the negative things people have said to me or about me to hinder me, it really did begin to work for my good. Matter of fact, what I realized is that those hard and hurtful things were really working me out.

Think about it, have you ever had a physical trainer or seen anyone work with a trainer at the gym? Well a trainer always pushes you to move your workout to that next level by adding on that extra weight to make you stronger. With this in mind, if you think of God as your trainer and you shift how you think of what you have been through, you can allow yourself to move past being bitter and find the lesson so that you can become better. See all those things are God’s way of putting that extra weight on you to make you stronger, just to build up your endurance so that you can sustain at a new place, at an advanced level. Yes he is working you out to get you ready for your next level of possibility. There’s a quote that says,

“Life’s adversities are God’s universities” – Rick Warren

So it’s time to evolve your mindset about all that has happened to really see everything you have gone through has given you a great lesson, you can begin to see…..

  • Every person that left you – was working you out!
  • That business that just has not gotten off the ground the way you want it to – is working you out!
  • That supervisor that does not appreciate your brilliance – is working you out!
  • All the relationships that didn’t work out. You know men that cheated on you and broke your heart, (or has that only happened to me)- is working you out!

So allow yourself to get stronger, build up your endurance and learn the lesson
so that you can sustain at a new place, at an advanced level!!! Stop being bitter and find what you need to know to grow YOU!!!!!

Matter of fact, when I discovered this for myself what I realized is that I carried so much self-hate, revenge and rage around in me because I had not learned the lessons and released the situation as a part of the school of life. I realized that everything that happens is intended to teach me something and not keep me from living my best life. Matter of fact it is preparing me for it! So with that in mind, I ask you, in what ways have you limited your own possibilities just simply by not noticing the areas you are holding on to revenge and regret instead of release and relief? Yes, it’s time for us to learn every valuable lesson in Life’s adversities so that we can move on to bigger, badder and better and move into the abundance with your name on it!

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