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3 Steps to Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

In the continuation of our series on the 12 Things Successful People Do I Learned from Steve Harvey which are #6 They Work Outside of Their Comfort Zone

As I coach women to grow their gifts and talents = their expertise into an empire, what I find many are looking for is a shortcut to success.   They want the quick, fast, easy way to get there.  Really, they want their plight toward success to be comfortable and what happens anytime you want something that is bigger than where you are, you are challenged to step outside of your comfort zone.

The problem is, we live in a world that has made us accustomed to being comfortable. Many of us have become creatures of habit. We order the same coffee at Starbucks, we take the same route to pick up our prescription from CVS (or whatever pharmacy you go to), to take our kids to school or go to the grocery store. However, as entrepreneurs, playing it safe hinders business success and stepping out of your comfort zone is where you business will grow. After all, how can you expect to evolve if you only stick to doing the same things you’ve been doing over and over again? Matter of fact, what distinguishes successful people from everyone else is their ability to push past their comfort zone. Here are a few keys to pushing past where you are that will allow you to evolve past your comfort zone;

1.Be Willing to Do It Afraid. Doing something you have never done before is going to be scary.  If you have never been in this place before understand that feeling afraid is a normal part of the process.  Just don’t let that fear paralyze you from moving toward your goals. Your comfort zone keeps you in a very predictable space and fear comes from being in the unknown. So let go of your expectations of having to know and understand it all and accept that you just may need to…..

2.Get Help & Guidance. There are some things that you just aren’t going to know how to do. So, stop trying to figure everything out on your own and find the help & support you need.  That can be an accountability partner or you may even need to hire a coach that can give you the tools, techniques & guidance you in moving your vision forward.

3.Get Organized. Often times overwhelm and/or fear sets in because you are trying to juggle too many balls all at the same time.  This is where time management is crucial.  After all, if you are adding something new to your plate, it becomes another item on your agenda.  The only way you will be successful is by making sure you are allotting time in your day to work on your new venture while also making sure not to neglect taking time for everything else you need to accomplish in any given day.   I have to tell you, if you just said to yourself, “I need to find work like balance”  that is a LIE!  There is no such thing as work like balance but what I have found is you can equalize your life.  This is a concept I came up with years ago that allows you to find the right amount of time for everything you need in your life.  So that you don’t focus only on growing your business and leave your personal life or mental health or exercise etc… behind.

Stop looking for the shortcut toward the success that is yours for the taking.  Instead implement these 3 steps and add to it perseverance and determination and what I know is that you WILL be successful!


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