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4 Steps to Define Your Why & Find Your FIERCE

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive, then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. – Howard Thurmon

Why Are You Here, is a question that plagued me years ago when I was working at a job I knew was not the best use of my gifts, actually I hated that job!  The problem was in that moment; I did not know what job would be a great fit for me.   What I found then as I began to ponder this question, is that I had been searching for an outside indicator for an inside answer.  What I discovered was everything I needed was already inside of me!

Now as I began to do this work of living out what’s inside of me, I felt like something in my belly came alive.  I felt a fire in me! Like I had flipped on the switch to my power!   This power boost was when I unleashed what I call my FIERCE.  I call it my FIERCE because I felt like it was more than just flipping on my power.  I felt so invigorated, alive, strengthened and restored just by tapping into ME!  I felt like a lion ready to roar for the world to see.  You have to understand that we each are not in a race with a level of gifting that is beyond what is already inside of us.  What I learned is that your DNA, (what I call your Distinct Natural Ability), holds the key to live as the highest and best version of who you were born to be.  This discovery is at the core of the work I now do with my clients via my Find Your FIERCE Framework.  To define it for yourself, you must answer 4 questions;

  1. What are you PASSIONATE about?

What makes you come alive? What do you love to do?  What you have to know is that when you focus your energy and attention on things that light you up, that put a fire in your belly, you begin to honor who you are and what you were born to do.  

  1. What are you PROFICIENT at?

This goes hand in hand with the answer to question #1 as there are things that you are great at naturally.  For me, it’s creating programs, if you tell me your passion, I instantly can think of all the ways you can serve people around it and get paid to do it.  This is how my DNA is wired and what you have to know is that your DNA is equally wired to do you. So what are you great at?

  1. What PROBLEM do you help solve?

Now with your answers to question #1 & #2, look at how your DNA (Distinct Natural Abilities) can help someone do something or get to something they need, desire or want.  If you are able to add up larger numbers with ease, maybe your gift is to help others by being an accountant, a bookkeeper or a CFO.  Once you define how your DNA is wired, go find the arena to share it.  What you have to know is that there is a group of people that need what you can do!  

  1. How Do You PROFIT from it?

Ultimately, living in your FIERCE is the very way you were meant to serve the world and as you serve those that need that gift in you, it brings abundance to you.    Yes, you make a difference and make money while you do it!

Yes, it really IS that simple as the answer to these 4 questions.  What I have seen as I travel the world and have the opportunity to work with women is there are 3 things standing in the way of living into the abundance that is tied to your PURPOSE, your FIERCE which are;

  • Many women discount their gifts. Sure, you may be successful but my question to you is are you REALLY utilizing your gifts and talents fully and completely?
  • Many women do not realize that their DNA (your Distinct Natural Ability) is the answer to somebody’s problem. Yes, you are tied to a certain group of people out there that need you and every day you are not standing in the full power of your gift – YOU ARE LATE FOR WORK!
  • You don’t package your gifts and talents as the answer that not only people need but they will pay for which you can definitely create multiple streams of income from it.

I am passionate about this because what I know for sure is that finding your FIERCE and living as the highest and best version of who you were created to be is your gift to the world.  It allows you to stand unapologetically in your purpose, it gives you the ability to serve others and it allows you to leave a legacy on this world.


Nicole Roberts Jones works with women entrepreneurs to build programming that generates multiple revenue streams from what you already know which is what she calls her FIERCE Formula. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients Take Their Brilliance to the Bank.  Want to learn the 4 steps to get paid for what you know?  Join Nicole for her 4-city Find Your FIERCE Tour in LA, DC, Houston & Boston where she will walk you through her Find Your FIERCE Framework and give you the tools and strategies not just to help you find your FIERCE but to go after the abundance with your name on it! ,Learn more and register at


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