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Have you ever thought about yourself as a 007 agent?  I know when I was little I often played with my childhood friends, imaging myself as Jasmine Bond.  But what if I told you, that you were actually born with a specific purpose? That you were wired with special gifts in you.  That your DNA… Read More

Today is Valentine's Day, a day where so many of us think of romantic love.  However, as the CEO of your business, you should also be putting LOVE into your business.  Just by focusing on 3 ways to LOVE in your business, this love will lead you to making MORE money  - which we all… Read More

No matter where I meet women who desire to start a business whether they want to create an exit strategy from their 9 to 5 or they have ideas, passions, this brilliance they are ready to cash in on, the very first thing they share with me is all about how they want to be… Read More

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