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essence-liveI remember as a little girl, grabbing Essence magazine and looking at cover girls that actually looked like me…by the time the 90s rolled around, I saw the likes of Whitney Houston, Vanessa Williams and of course loved reading the inspirational messages from then Editor-in-Chief, Susan L. Taylor.

To say I knew at that time that I’d form strategic partnership and work with them in a big way over 25 years later would be a reach; however, I always knew I was destined for BIG and amazing things.

Yesterday I was in the New York office of Essence Magazine and went LIVE on their Facebook to thousands of viewers sharing my A.V.P. formula for extraordinary success.

As I was leaving the office, all I could think about was all the women I have the pleasure to coach & train.   I was thinking about…..

What is your dream?

What is your goal?

What is the desire that keeps you up at night, inspires you early in the morning or distracts you during your daily routine?

Here’s a BIGGER question… why isn’t it your reality?

What I know for sure is…..

It’s Time for BIGGER Action

Over a year ago, I opened the doors to Fierce Factor Lab and since then, we’ve served nearly 8,000 leaders month over month with content, inspiration, teaching and growth strategy.

It’s time to take YOU further.

I’m ready to get you beyond my blog, my inbox, my Facebook group and Periscope… I’m ready to get you face to face with me.

On November 4-5, 2016 I’m hosting an intimate intensive in Dallas, Texas and I’m personally inviting you to join me.

What I know for sure is that you’re like me, you held a dream in your hand when you were younger. Like me, you didn’t know the roadmap but you knew it was going to happen.

Somewhere along the path, you may have been halted or slowed down but that doesn’t have to be your reality any longer.


2016 is the year you claimed for you… right? It’s time for great. Own your game. Get big things done.

It’s time for you to GLOW UP and Shine.

It’s time for you to BE-THE-ANSWER.

Will I meet you there? Essence (Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Forbes too) is waiting for you but first, it begins with your clarity, your message, your YES!   Don’t wait another day!  REGISTER and claim your seat at

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