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One of the new terms everyone uses these days is SLAY.  According to the urban dictionary SLAY means to succeeded in something amazing.  Well what if the very thing you should succeed in amazingly is YOU?  What I know for sure is that everyone has something special about them that is just undeniably “you” and… Read More

 Who wants to be a mediocre entrepreneur?  You work hard to build a successful business but what if were to tell you that you could take it one step further and move into significance? To build a lasting impression in all those you serve for a lifetime.  So to move into a significant business, there… Read More

Today I am picking up my 11-year god-daughter from the airport and as I prepared for her week-long visit, the only question I asked her was “what do you want”. You know things like…what do you want to eat?  What do you want to do?  In talking to her  it got me to thinking that… Read More

I just love Olivia Pope and at this time of year I miss her because Scandal is on hiatus.  The one thing I love about her the most is the way she keeps looking for the one angle no one else can see. It is in THIS place that she finds the very thing that… Read More

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