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Now that we have made it to June, I am sure you have realized we are at the half way point of 2016 which makes it a great time to look at where you are on the goals you have set for yourself for the year.   Taking action towards your dreams and goals is essential… Read More

As I travel throughout the country speaking at events, I am privileged to speak to and meet many entrepreneurs and what most of them share with me is that they are in overwhelm or they are tired and frustrated because building their business is a lot harder than they anticipated.  What many of them ask… Read More

If our iPhone or smartphone must be plugged in to recharge, then why do many of us overlook our own need to rest & restore? Our brains and bodies aren’t meant to go non-stop.  The longer you go without taking a break, the more you are running closer and closer to functioning on an empty… Read More

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