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Are You Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding-2Last Friday, we held the FIERCE Factor Accelerator event for the ladies in my FIERCE Factor program.    I have to tell you how much I love holding the space for women entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of income from what they already know.  In essence, I help them to bankroll their brilliance into programming that allows them the opportunity to create multiple ways to serve all the people that need them.  However, what most people often overlook, which by the way was the focus of this event, is that it does not matter how great your programs are, if no one knows you exist!  Without allowing your ideal client to see the gift in you, you will NEVER generate revenue.

YES I am saying that any serious business owner must grow their visibility!

Let me explain it this way, when you or your business is not visible, t’s like you are a caterpillar in a cocoon.   Think about the big difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly.  Actually to take it a step further, think about what a caterpillar must go through to come out of that cocoon and become a butterfly.  What you may not know is that a caterpillar must fight it’s way out of it’s cocoon.  And for some business owners your inability to make a profit, just simply means you are hiding in your own cocoon.  You are siting comfortable and not allowing yourself to be seen for the value and beauty you can bring to someone’s business or life when you sit comfortable in that cocoon!!

So let me ask you, have you been hanging around with all these great gifts in you but you won’t come out of that cocoon and stop hiding?  If you said yes, then here are 2 steps to grow your visibility and to REALLY grow your possibility to make more income;

  • Get in front of them. This is why business owners that have a visibility strategy really DO generate revenue.  I am talking about strategy around your message and your message platform that should include;
    • Speaking
    • Social Media (a Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram posting strategy)
    • Video, Periscope & Blab
    • Media (Radio, TV, guests on podcasts & teleseminars)

Having a visibility strategy allows your ideal clients to learn who you are and the value you bring. 

  • Meet them where they are. Using a visibility strategy is not about you telling people what you do.  It’s about your ideal client hearing that you understand what they need and how you can serve them to grow from challenge to triumph.

If you want to expand your brand and generate more revenue, stop hiding and allow yourself to be seen.  Watch how this needle point move will shift what’s possible in your business.  OH AND… your revenue grows when you come out & stop hiding!


Nicole Roberts Jones works with women entrepreneurs to build programming that generates multiple revenue streams from what you already know which is what she calls her FIERCE Formula. Her ultimate goals is to help her clients Take Their Brilliance to the BankTo learn more and for updates on her programs or services join her mailing list at   

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