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You are Here on Assignment

Secret AgentHave you ever thought about yourself as a 007 agent?  I know when I was little I often played with my childhood friends, imaging myself as Jasmine Bond.  But what if I told you, that you were actually born with a specific purpose? That you were wired with special gifts in you.  That your DNA (Distinct Natural Ability) has a special assignment to fulfill.   Yes, you too have a life’s calling.

Often when I say calling, it makes people think of folks like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and/or Mother Teresa. What people don’t consider about them is that not one of them were born knowing that they had some specific purpose but what moved them into their assignment was the moment each of them tapped into their DNA (Distinct Natural Ability) and did 3 things;

  • Determined the best way to use their gifts.
  • Figured out the people that needed their gifts as the answer to their problem or need.
  • Made a commitment to BE THE ANSWER and share those gifts with the world.

In other words, they did what I call Find their FIERCE

The sad truth is most people will never truly define or find their FIERCE.  They will take their last breath without fully tapping into their DNA (Distinct Natural Ability) which means people’s needs go unmet and they struggle because what they need is the gift IN YOU!

There is not BIG secret you must magically uncover or some potion lotion you must take to Find Your FIERCE.  It is in doing the work to be the answer as you stand unapologetically in your gifts, serve those that need you by building a business around it and in so doing share your gifts with the world!

YES it really is that simple.

The world IS waiting for you!

That is why I am calling all passionpreneurs (yes I made up my own word)  to discover the power of your purpose and cash in on your calling! 

I am inviting you to join me for my FREE 7- day Find Your FIERCE Challenge! This is like nothing you have ever seen!  I will give you EVERYTHING from my 20+ years of helping people not just find their purpose, their life’s calling and live their dreams but coaching you to build multiple streams of income from it so that you can serve all those that need you and build a profit while you do it.  

Your gift is aching to come out of you, and people need it.  Matter of fact THEY ARE WAITING FOR IT!

So, are you up to living on your assignment?  Are you up to do this with me?

All the fun starts on this Monday, April 18th and if you want to receive it and dig into this work learn more and register at

Come join the party. Trust me: you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

So let’s write your destiny. Together.


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