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How to Be The Real AVP

Woman with trophyThis is the time of year when awards buzz is at an all-time high. If movies are your thing, you can’t wait for the Oscars. Feelin’ Adele’s new album? You’re grabbing a glass of wine, a cozy blanket and some popcorn for the Grammys soon. Does football rule in your house? Then the Super Bowl it is. (I know, you’re really only there for Beyoncé at half time. Me too).

My point is we tune in for each of these shows to see the best of the best. The top contenders. The champions. And while many are called, the chosen are few. We may have been completely captivated by two actresses or more than one songstress in the Best Female Artist category. But at the end of the night, there is only one winner.  She is the Most Valuable Player, also known as the MVP.  Being named the chosen one of an industry is not limited to entertainment or sports. It applies to business, too. But I want something bigger for you, because we’re not playing games or collecting statues. We’re getting paid. So…

I want you to be the real AVP.

AVP is a formula I created for entrepreneurial leaders to free themselves from the dollar-for-time hustle, stand out in a saturated market and translate knowledge into profit. AVP includes three key elements:

Be the Authority. Build Visibility. Develop a Platform.

Let’s start with the A. Being the Authority which is really in you standing in the power of YOU!  Our expertise, your gift, that know how that everyone comes to you for.  You know some may even call it your genius.    Well understand that people will pay more for what you know then what you do!   It is in what you know that people need and when you stand in your authority people will pay for it because  there is a whole market out there that NEED YOU!  So stop wondering about the gift in you!  Stand in it!   Be who you are and who you were meant to be. To become that person your ideal client wants to see, hear and pay, you have to stand unapologetically in your expertise and do what you do.

Now, catch this, I didn’t say go get more, learn more, discover more. Why? Because everything you need, you already have inside of you. You know everything you need to know. So stop second guessing it.  Stop playing small. And definitely stop looking at everyone else’s gift!  It’s time to be the brilliant, dynamic, FIERCE woman that you are!  Own it!!


Oh and don’t worry I will share more with you in weeks to come  🙂


P.S.  I am teaching an ENCORE to an incredible 3 –day series I did last week, it starts on Sunday and I know it will give you the momentum you need to get yourself out there now. Oh and I dig deep into how to become a AVP in our industry.   It’s called MAGNIFY2016. Come on over. You don’t want to miss it

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