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THIS is Killing Your Dreams

woman overwhelmedAs I have coached clients for the last 20 years and I’ve heard it all when it comes to why NOW is not the right time to launch your dream.

Do any of these sound slightly familiar to you?

I can’t start my business until I have… (more money, support from my husband or go back to school).

I can’t start my business until I pray about it. (Ouch!)

I can’t serve anyone else until I get myself together. (you know you say things like…I need to lose weight first, I need to wait until my kids graduate, or I just got out of a relationship and I need to spend time on me)

This is what I love to call The Blame Game. (Also known as The Excuse.) And, at one point or another, it’s halted every entrepreneur in her tracks. Including me. The Excuse has held me captive and close to fear, wondering if I had enough—was enough—to move towards my dreams and my calling. When I hid and wrestled with my destiny by playing small, the excuse kept me playing safe. Comfortable. And stuck.

I had to decide that there was no reason I could make up in my head that was worth sacrificing my dreams.  I had to get committed!

I had to decide to go for it.

I had to decide to MAGNIFY.

What excuses are holding you back from your calling?

Are you willing to risk it all to gain it all – your purpose, your gift, the reason you were born into this world?

What are you withholding from yourself and the world by resting in the comfort of your excuses?

Here’s the real truth—that thing you’re waiting on? It may never come if you keep waiting for everything to be perfect. You may never have the cheering squad behind you, at least not until you start winning. You won’t ever know it all or have all of the funds you need.  Until you start to move toward what’s possible for you!

YES you CAN start where you are. You can take what you have and run with it. You can and you SHOULD.

And as you do watch miracles manifest.

Remember—everything you need is already inside of you.

Reach for it.

That is why I am calling all of us to MAGNIFY in 2016, so that you join me in my own personal mission to stop hiding and making excuses.  To play bigger than I have, we have, ever played before.



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