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Give Yourself Permission

permissionAs I often do at the end of the year, I sit quiet and ask God what is my mission, my theme for the next year. Over and over I keep hearing the word EXPANSION for 2015. So as we set sail on the notion of expanding our possibilities for 2015, I want to start our conversation with Giving Yourself Permission.

Now I start in this place because I know that there is a part of all of us that longs for come sort of approval, that wants to be liked or that seeks permission. I know my limiting belief that I still struggle with is not feeling good enough which really means I want to be liked. And what I know for sure is that we ALL have limiting beliefs we must fight in order to stand in what’s possible. So what if the only thing holding you back from expanding your territory is YOU?

What I have learned in my own journey is that you have to get comfortable with your own truth. At some point you’ve got to get comfortable with who you are. And on top of that you have to be willing to get uncomfortable.   See when you start to work on YOU; you’ve got to be more committed to growing YOU past where you are. To love ALL of you and then be committed to the next best version of you. To be more invested in what you don’t know than in what you do know. You also have to know that going into the garden of possibilities means when you leave the comfortable to go into the unknown, it is scary! Matter of fact this is where most people get stuck. Because when you move into the uncomfortable, the unknown you have never been here before which makes it uncomfortable. It’s important to be willing to be uncomfortable because if you do what you have always done, you will only get what you already have.

Over the years I have learned that once I make the commitment to go for what I really want, and don’t let anything stop me, that is when I discovered that it started with giving myself permission. Here are a few steps that I used to give myself permission.

Step 1: Write Out What You Want

Look at each of the four areas of your life;

  • Career/Finances
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Emotional Health and/or Spirituality

Take a few minutes in the next few days and write out what you want for each them.   The sky is your only limit so give yourself permission to have it. Allowing yourself to dream and really giving yourself permission to go speak your dreams out load gives you the space to really see what is possible for YOU!  You could even turn this list into your vision board. To learn the steps it takes to create a vision board, click here

Step 2: Let Go of the Story You Are Telling Yourself 

As you write out all that you want, it is easy to have a story going on in your head about not being good enough or worthy etc… of what you want. And it is that story that if you play it over and over in your head, it will keep you from obtaining that thing you so greatly desire. So when that story starts to play in your head, in your mind, I want you to find a new story to replace it. A story, or actually write out the truth about how hard you have worked to be where you are now, a story about what a great person you are, a story about all the reasons why you deserve the thing you desire. Write this out so that you can stand in your truth and release the negative stories that have held you back for too long.   I am claiming that 2015 will be the year that you will let go of negative and step into possibility!

Step 3: Just Do IT!

Set as your goal to do ONE thing every day that moves you more toward all that you want in your life. Often times people get overwhelmed with the thought of moving toward the whole goal so all I want you to do is take it piece by piece, step by step. One step at a time. After all when you climb the stairs, who stands at the bottom and counts all the steps you have to climb before you start? Instead you start the climb walking up just one step at a time. That is the same way to get started on moving toward what you want. With this in mind, wake up every morning and ask yourself, what is the one step I can take today?

Step 4: Procrastination Is a Choice

When you say, I’ll do it tomorrow, or I’ll wait to start until I have this, that or the other, what you are doing is procrastinating.   If you think about it, procrastination really is an unnecessary delay that does more harm than good.  When a task is too difficult or uncomfortable, we are more likely to put it off as much as possible. Let me tell you now, if you are doing something you have never done before it will be scary and you’ll want to put it off or avoid. So guess what, you’ll have to learn to do it afraid. After all if you want something different, you will need to do something you have never done before. So when you feel your knees knocking and teeth chattering about the thing you so deeply desire, know that it is a good thing and reach out and get the support you need to help you get through it.

Step 5: Surround Yourself with Support

Everyone needs a great group of friends and/or family that support you, hold you accountable to your greatness and believe in the vision you have for your life. Spending time with a great group of sista friends can be a source of self-esteem, affection, and create some of the best memories and good times. In times of despair, it’s that sista friend that offers hope, encouragement and support that often times helps you get through it.So reach out to a group of your friends or family and share with them your intentions for 2015 and tell them what you need from term to support you in your journey. Create the support you need so that you can expand your territory in 2015.

The difference between standing in your complete power and mediocrity is Giving Yourself Permission. So whatever it is you want in 2015, it starts by saying to yourself I DESERVE IT and then working toward having it. It’s easy to look at others and get bitter looking at what they have that you still want for yourself. The only difference between them and you is that they said YES to what they wanted and had the guts to go after it.  You can do the same – no matter what you wish to be, do or have and it all starts with Giving Yourself Permission!


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