The Power In Surrender with Kristen Pope


“God is so much bigger than us” - @KristenLPopeTV

Kristen L. Pope is an Award-Winning Journalist, Host, sought-after Speaker, and Encourager. Kristen most recently contributed to NBC Boston/NECN. Additionally, Pope founded her own boutique production company, “Pope Productions” and created the flagship variety show, “The Positive Controversy with Kristen Pope”. She’s also a media coach and has released her first online course, the “On-Air Academy.”

During this episode, Kristen will share how you can achieve your ultimate dreams and desires by surrendering to God’s will for your life. Learn to identify if what you want is what God has in store for you and how getting in alignment will change the trajectory of your life!

Even if you already feel successful, this episode will give you inspiring insight to help you reach your next level.

“God can’t bless what you pretend to be” - @KristenLPopeTV

Time Stamps:

  • 02:40 - How to push through and persist!
  • 03:08 - “I can’t do anything halfway” - @KristenLPopeTV
  • 05:14 - Surrendering to God to achieve your ultimate desires
  • 09:09 - “God is so much bigger than us” - @KristenLPopeTV
  • 14:22 - Realizing that what you want isn’t what you were meant for
  • 20:52 - Being able to make one step at a time
  • 25:11 - Three things to do in order to move into your MORE
  • 26:39 - “God can’t bless what you pretend to be” - @KristenLPopeTV

“I can’t do anything halfway” - @KristenLPopeTV