Confrontation Will Set You Free with Wendy Gladney


“Confront what is necessary” - @WendyGladney

Wendy Gladney is an international coach, consultant, author and transformational Speaker. Wendy is a multi-faceted businesswoman with close to a quarter century of experience in leading community-based organizations, small businesses, and corporations in America.

During this episode, Wendy will share how to embrace happiness and live a fulfilled life through forgiveness. Learn to confront anything that is holding you back and rise it. Wendy shared her 10 steps to heal in order to learn to let go what is no longer serving you and live a life of strength, courage, and joy.

“If you learn your meaning you’ll development your message” - @WendyGladney

Time Stamps:

  • 00:58 - Wendy’s background and Introduction
  • 03:06 - Why you should say yes to your MORE
  • 05:20 - “If you learn your meaning you’ll develop your message” - @WendyGladney
  • 05:33 - Finding your core meaning, message, and gift
  • 08:09 - Getting yourself to a forgiving place
  • 08:39 - “Forgiveness can change your life forever” - @WendyGladney
  • 12:28 - Changing the trajectory of family history and learning from your parents
  • 22:04 - The power of healing in 10 easy steps
  • 25:50 - “Confront what is necessary” - @WendyGladney

“Forgiveness can change your life forever” - @WendyGladney