Bring Value To The Table With Tara Gates Williams


“I Always Had This Mindset That, I Have To Start A Business, That If My Entire Team Left Tomorrow; Would I Be Able To Do It?” - Tara Gates Williams

Tara Gates Williams is CEO, TGW UNIFIED, LLC. She works with professional athletes, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and major corporations to elevate and expand their brands. She has partnered with brands like Sprint™ Business to provide in-store Business Intensive Roundtables geared toward educating business owners on how to develop and sustain a brand that resonates with its target markets. Tara has also worked on branding and marketing for films that have aired on BET.

In this episode, Tara gives insight into what it means to bring value to the table no matter where you are because at the end of the day your brand is what people say about you when you are NOT in the room. She gives great insight to help you understand the added value that you add to any situation.

“Branding Is The Added Value That You Have. The Added Value That You Bring To Anything.

What is It That You Do That Adds Value To Anything You Do?” - Tara Gates Williams


    • 2:15 How Tara came to say YES to her first business
    • 5:06 The leap from Monetizing and Expansion to Branding
    • 6:45 “You Got To Stick With It, Stay In It And Be Committed To It.” - Tara Gates Williams
    • 7:57 Tara’s education in Europe, and International Business
    • 9:12 Tara Gates Williams’ 3 levels of branding
    • 9:16 “Branding, Marketing and Public Relations; They May Be Interrelated, But They Are Starkly Different” - Tara Gates Williams
    • 12:28 What Is That Lane That Your Brilliance Has Been Created To Swim In?
    • 13:06 “Whatever Your Industry Is, You Are Serving Others” - Tara Gates Williams
    • 22:17 The Power Of Saying No
    • 25:45 Advice From Tara Williams For Finding Focus On What is next for you

    “For Me, I Really Had To Be In Touch With God Through Everything That I Did” - Tara Gates Williams