It Does Not Come Unopposed With Janice Anderson

“Even When Standing On The Truth And What You Believe God Is Telling You To Do, It Doesn’t Come Unopposed” - Janice Anderson

Janice Anderson is CEO of Moruwa Consulting and is a speaker, trainer, and brand strategist. Janice and her team have created powerful strategies and products that equip leaders with the tools necessary to build, brand, and expand their vision.

Most recently, Janice answered her call to serve women in a more public way. Janice is the founder of Significant Life, a community designed to help women live, lead, and serve from an anchored place through MySignificantLife.com

In this episode, I chat with Janice about how she was able to recognize when and how God was telling her to move forward into a new path and how you too can stand in your Truth without settling for less or allowing others to stop you.

“Leading With Christ, Shouldn’t Mean I Settle For Less” - Janice Anderson

Time Stamps:

  • 2:20 How standing in her Truth, changed Janice’s ability to say YES!
  • 2:44 “Even when standing on The Truth and what you believe God is telling you to do, It doesn’t come unopposed” - Janice Anderson
  • 13:50 Brilliance Road map quiz with Nicole Roberts Jones
  • 15:34 “Leading with Christ, shouldn’t mean I settle for less” - Janice Anderson
  • 18:17 Janice shares her “wake-up call” from God!
  • 22:36 “I was only limited by what I was willing to go and gather” - Janice Anderson

“I Was Only Limited By What I Was Willing To Go And Gather” - Janice Anderson


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Get Over I Got It With Elayne Fluker

“Things That Are Hard For All Of Us To Ask For, Are; Love And Support” - Elayne Fluker

After working in media as a journalist for more than 20 years, Elayne Fluker launched a business that is firmly planted in the notion of women supporting women, particularly along the entrepreneurial journey. She found her sweet spot: doing what she loves and what she does best—a blend of personal development and personal branding… is the host of the Support Is Sexy Podcast featuring interviews with more than 500 diverse women entrepreneurs, and the author of her soon to be released book Get Over “I Got It”

In this episode we discuss about what inside of us holds us back and how we can learn to ask God and others for help and how we can discover new ways to push past our obstacles and find our All with her new book “Get Over “I Got.

“We Are All, As Human Beings, More Connected Than We Ever Imagined” - Elayne Fluker


  • 1:50 Elayne’s start with Momentum workshop and personal development
  • 2:18 “Things that are hard for all of us to ask for, are; Love and Support” - Elayne Fluker
  • 4:02 Understanding support, when we feel either Defiant, Defensive or Defeated
  • 9:24 “We Are All, As Human Beings, More Connected Than We Ever Imagined” - Elayne Fluker
  • 15:10 Nicole Roberts Jones’ Annual Brilliance School Business Course
  • 17:52 Ways to say YES and ask for and find H,E,L,P
  • 18:38 “Having It All, Doesn’t mean Doing It All Alone” - Elayne Fluker
  • 25:16 How you can Get over “I Got It” with Elayne’s new book and find your all!

“Having It All, Doesn’t Mean Doing It All Alone” - Elayne Fluker


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Never Set Limits With JC Ellis

“Sometimes people will rise up and try and stop you, because they see limitations in their own life” - JC Ellis

“A” Game lifestyle advisor, attorney, and author, JC Ellis appears regularly as a featured correspondent on morning TV shows. Her career includes membership in SAG and AFTRA as a model, actress, HR Director, and Vice President of Fortune 100 corporations.

Pausing her professional career to focus on family, JC published 6 young adult fiction novels while serving with various volunteer organizations. She is currently penning the 7th and final novel in The Black Diamond Series.

Now if that wasn’t enough…. while raising three adolescent children, JC enrolled in law school and graduated in the top 20% of her class.

In this episode, JC shows us how she continues to push past any limit that could be placed on her. It is such a rich inside look as she continues to go after her next level as a television personality, attorney, author, and mother. Which by the way she describes her most important role as that of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and brand ambassador of her family. As she shares she gives others permission to go after what God has next for you.

“I don’t let the world dictate my moves” - JC Ellis


  • 2:34 How JC found her power to pivot!
  • 4:19 “Sometimes people will rise up and try and stop you because they see limitations in their own life” - JC Ellis
  • 7:09 “I don’t let the world dictate my move” - JC Ellis
  • 9:42 “If more women had like we have and lifted people up, genuinely I think it would be a very powerful thing” - JC Ellis
  • 11:23 The Brilliance School with Nicole Jones
  • 11:59 Understanding why some people may want to limit you and how to rise above
  • 15:46 Recognizing when to move on from expired relationships
  • 20:53 JC’s pivot to her next level and becoming a successful writer and Lawyer

“If more women had like we have and lifted people up, genuinely I think it would be a very powerful thing” - JC Ellis

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Bring Value To The Table With Tara Gates Williams

“I Always Had This Mindset That, I Have To Start A Business, That If My Entire Team Left Tomorrow; Would I Be Able To Do It?” - Tara Gates Williams

Tara Gates Williams is CEO, TGW UNIFIED, LLC. She works with professional athletes, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and major corporations to elevate and expand their brands. She has partnered with brands like Sprint™ Business to provide in-store Business Intensive Roundtables geared toward educating business owners on how to develop and sustain a brand that resonates with its target markets. Tara has also worked on branding and marketing for films that have aired on BET.

In this episode, Tara gives insight into what it means to bring value to the table no matter where you are because at the end of the day your brand is what people say about you when you are NOT in the room. She gives great insight to help you understand the added value that you add to any situation.

“Branding Is The Added Value That You Have. The Added Value That You Bring To Anything.

What is It That You Do That Adds Value To Anything You Do?” - Tara Gates Williams


    • 2:15 How Tara came to say YES to her first business
    • 5:06 The leap from Monetizing and Expansion to Branding
    • 6:45 “You Got To Stick With It, Stay In It And Be Committed To It.” - Tara Gates Williams
    • 7:57 Tara’s education in Europe, and International Business
    • 9:12 Tara Gates Williams’ 3 levels of branding
    • 9:16 “Branding, Marketing and Public Relations; They May Be Interrelated, But They Are Starkly Different” - Tara Gates Williams
    • 12:28 What Is That Lane That Your Brilliance Has Been Created To Swim In?
    • 13:06 “Whatever Your Industry Is, You Are Serving Others” - Tara Gates Williams
    • 22:17 The Power Of Saying No
    • 25:45 Advice From Tara Williams For Finding Focus On What is next for you

    “For Me, I Really Had To Be In Touch With God Through Everything That I Did” - Tara Gates Williams


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    You Can Do It Yourself With Kim Roxie

    “I found out that I had this natural ability to make women feel beautiful” - Kim Roxie

    Kim Roxie is the Founder & CEO of LAMIK Beauty, a clean beauty brand that caters to multicultural women. After opening her own brick-and-mortar makeup shop at age 21, in Houston, TX on a $500 investment, Kim ran that store for 14 years and was the youngest African American woman to have her products carried in a major department store. In 2019, Roxie pivoted her business and launched LAMIK as an e-commerce beauty company. In 2020, Roxie secured a partnership with an augmented reality company to launch an innovative tech-enabled website that allows consumers to digitally try on cosmetics.

    In this episode, Kim shares her story of success as she followed the path God set forth for her to help women feel the beauty they already have. With Kim’s inspiring story, you will find that even You Can Do It Yourself!

    “Everything is working great but God is calling us to greater” - Kim Roxie

    Time Stamps

    • 2:45 Kim Roxie’s beginnings in Beauty
    • 3:27 “I found out that I had this natural ability to make women feel beautiful” - Kim Roxie
    • 12:45 Be the answer! Event with Nicole Roberts Jones
    • 14:01 Kim’s journey from storefront to stardom
    • 23:58 “Everything is working great but God is calling us to greater!” - Kim Roxie
    • 27:55 Connecting with Kim and LAMIK
    • 29:21 “You don’t have to compromise your health for your beauty” - Kim Roxie

    “You don’t have to compromise your health for your beauty” - Kim Roxie

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