The Power Hour is a private, one-hour strategy call

For Previous Clients Only
designed as a boost to work previously done, to strategize with you whatever challenges, or opportunities are up for you in your business or career.
During Your Session

During your session, you can address any topic you like. Whether it’s generating more revenue, getting clear & confident on telling your story, assessing if your next move is the right move or just general laser insight to achieve your next level.

This call can happen anywhere in the world, whether we use the conference line or the URL extension if you are outside of the US. You start by filling out Where Am I Now Assessment prior to your session, and will receive a copy of the recording for future reference.

Where Am I Now Assessment

Once you enroll, you will receive your Where Am I Now assessment which will help to identify where you are and outline goals so that Nicole can review prior to your session

Your Power Hour

All you need is your phone and/or your computer to dial in for our hour. You will receive a copy of the recording of your session so that you can reference it at any time


A Power Hour Session can only be booked once a year
Availability is extremely limited. The investment for this session is $997 and must be paid in full prior to scheduling

For Previous Clients Only