Nicole Works with Women Who Are Truly Ready to Elevate Your Business or Career

= To Go After Your Next Level.

And Let’s Be Clear, The Use of Next Level Here Is To Go After A Level Above Where You Are!
It’s To Develop Beyond Your Current Level of Success To Go After Who You Have Not Yet Become

Who Nicole Works With
Entrepreneurs who have hit a plateau in their business and need the strategy to increase in one of 3 areas;

  • Income – You have been generating revenue but you can’t seem to figure out how to increase it and create multiple streams of income.
  • Influence – How to grow your tribe of people who are ready to buy consistently.
  • Impact – You May Be Hosting a LIVE Event (or want to) and want to create the strategy around what you teach that both helps your attendants while also generating massive income for you
Corporate Executives who have reached the pinnacle of success but feel like something is missing and really want support in one of 2 areas;

  • You Want to Pivot in Your Career and Move Into a Different Position Or Into A New Company You Design Strategy To Go After Your Next Best Move.
  • You Want to Pivot into Entrepreneurship and How To Take The Intellectual Property You Have Been Getting A Paycheck For And Build Your Own Empire From Your Expertise.
Over all the work Nicole does with her one on one clients helps you make a PIVOT so that you align your purpose with your paycheck in a way that expands the way you currently serve the world.

You are just one PIVOT away from your next level!

Sophia A. Nelson, Esq.

CNN Commentator
& Award Winning Journalist

Nicole will tell you the truth where other coaches may not.

She’s going to focus you to get clear on the result and how to move toward what you want. She keeps you accountable. What I know is, I’m going to reach that goal if I work with Nicole.

Dr. Brenda Randall

The Writing Doctor

I quit my job within one year of working with Nicole!

Stephanie Bavaro

Founder of GREATful Woman

I was blessed to have Nicole Roberts Jones on a VIP session.

That day changed my life and my business. Nicole coaching is marriage of powerful and gentle, and she absolutely can transform your life or business, from the inside out.

Chereace Richards

Speaker, Author
& the 21st Century Woman Coach

I felt like Nicole got me and what I was trying to accomplish!.

I have all of these ideas and I’m trying to do them all at once. She’s been really good at helping me stay focused. She takes the pressure off of me in having to figure it all out but keeps me moving forward. She also helped me with my mindset and to get in the right frame of mind. Thank you Nicole for being smart and knowledgeable and for meeting my expectations!!!

Dr. Deborah Tillman

Lifetime Television’s America’s Supernanny, Founder/CEO Happy Home Christian Leadership Academy 

Nicole has this uncanny ability to pull out the best in you

so that not only your life is changed but also the lives of your clients are transformed!

Is Nicole a Good Fit for You?

If you’re still trying to figure out if Nicole is a good fit for you, take a look at her bio, dive into her Youtube channel and watch her videos, read her Blog and join her free Facebook group. If that helps give you clarity, GREAT, then see which of the 3 areas below are a fit for you.

If you’re just curious, but not committed, now may not be the right time for working with Nicole. Because it will take more than your interest, it will take you making a commitment to not just invest in the transformation you need but in doing the work that will take place as Nicole coaches you.

Ready to work toward your Elevation?

Investment Options

VIP Intensive

A multiple hour strategy session where you get Nicole, a white board and an opportunity to tease out & develop the strategy to go after the elevation you need in a specific area in your business or career

One on One

A 6 month coaching series for Emerging + Established Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives or High Profile Influencers to create the strategy to go after their elevation + long term support & coaching

Need Help But Not Exactly Sure What or How?

Set up an Assessment Call with one of our Master Coaches.

The assessment call allows us to see where you are in the journey and
define how we can work with you to reach the goals you have set to
start or grow your business

Not Ready For Private Coaching?

Here are 3 other possibilities for you


Your Brilliance Made Clear!
For The Woman who is ready to set your brilliance on a strong foundation by gaining clarity on WHO she is meant to serve and to HOW to serve them.


Implementation & Coaching To Build a Revenue Generating Business Packed Into An Academy to Give You All You Need End to End.


Not Sure Where to Begin? Take the Brilliance Roadmap Quiz to discover exactly what you should focus on and what your next steps are.