Brilliance Breakthrough VIP Intensive

Ready to Scale, Create More Structure and Generate Consistent Income &/Or Visibility

Ready to Pivot in Their Career &
Create the Strategy to Go After It

And Let’s Be Clear, The Use of Next Level Here Is To Go After A Level Above Where You Are!
It’s To Develop Beyond Your Current Level of Success To Go After Who You Have Not Yet Become

A Multiple Hour Strategy Session

A multiple hour strategy session where you get Nicole, a white board and an opportunity to tease out & develop the strategy to go after the elevation you need in a specific area in your business or career.

This takes place in 2 – two hour sessions and are one-on-one with just you and Nicole where you will focus on one of the following areas;

  • Systemize or Monetize Your Existing Business,
  • Expand Your Reach & Create Sales + Marketing Strategy
  • Host Lucrative Live Events
  • Get Clear On Your Next Best Corporate Move & The Strategy Go Go After It
  • Get Clear & Confident on Telling Your Story and Learning How to Utilize It To Increase Your Revenue From Stage, In Media And Online.
Or anything related to showing up more powerfully to do what you are purposed to do in this world!

Brilliance Breakthrough

Once you enroll, you will receive your brilliance breakthrough assessment which will help to identify where you are and outline goals for your session so that Nicole can review prior to your prep call.

Prep Call &
Post Call

PREP: During this call we will discuss where you are and will create the agenda for your session. 

POST: After your session you will have a call to check-in & for additional support as you implement what we have designed.

Brilliance Breakthrough VIP Intensive

Your 2 – two hour sessions will take place via zoom and are typically 2 weeks to a month apart, depending on the strategic work that needs to be accomplished between sessions.


Investment for a Brilliance Breakthrough VIP session is $7500. Installments are available with an added service charge. Tuition must be paid in full prior to your session being scheduled.

Investment $7500