Unleash Your Inner Beyonce

It’s all too easy to believe our talents and gifts are not worth pursuing. What I know for sure is that - Everyone Has Gifts & Talents! When I think of someone who is focused and aware of her talent, it makes me think of Beyoncé. I absolutely love watching Beyoncé perform. When she performs, what I see is her inner genius coming forth. I see the very thing she was born to do and that she is absolutely great at! Matter of fact, she is unapologetic about it!! And as I watch Beyoncé in all of her splendor, it fills me up with the excitement that I too can be Beyoncé. Well I can’t actually be Beyoncé or really Sasha FIERCE = the alter ego she becomes on stage, but what I realize is I have my OWN FIERCE inside of me. Well, we each do! All you need to do to do is Unleash our Inner Beyoncé, our very own FIERCE and stand in it unapologetically. How do you do that, let me give you 3 steps to help you start this journey.

Step #1: What Are You Proficient In?

  • Maybe you love writing up detailed reports and therefore have a natural skill for writing.
  • Maybe you get compliments on your great presentations at work. This may mean you would be great as a public speaker or trainer.

Step #2: What Are You Passionate About Doing?

If you still think you don’t have much talent, start looking at what you love to do.

  • Maybe you love to shop and your family and friends constantly tell you how good you are at putting outfits together.
  • Maybe you love to write and whenever they read what you have written they remark about your incredible creation.

  • Maybe you find yourself doodling a masterpiece when you have some idle time.
  • Maybe you find that all your friends come to you with their problems and they call you their coach?

If you think about what you really enjoy doing and what you are great at, you’ll find that you’ve been drawn to it over and over again. It tends to be true that the better we are at something, the more we enjoy doing it.

Step #3: What Problem Do You Solve? When you think about what you love to do and what you are great at, these 2 things together are usually the very thing someone else needs.

  • Those shopping skills can translate to your being a stylist.
  • Those writing skills can lead you to a career writing for some of your favorite magazines or to help others write their book.
  • That doodling can lead you to graphic design.
  • The fact that everyone comes to you for direction may indeed mean you would be a great coach.

These 3 steps are part of my FIERCE Framework that I use when I am helping women understand to move their purpose into their paycheck. (To deep dive even further into this work, grab a free copy of my eBook What Your FIERCE: Finding & Following Your Purpose by CLICKING HERE.)

What I know is that if you package your skill and talents into a way you serve the world, you get to do what you love and make money while you do it! Now isn’t that worth exploring? Isn’t that worth Unleashing your Inner Beyoncé?

If you let yourself accept that you probably have undiscovered talents, enjoy this adventure of discovery. It could very well take your life to higher levels of wealth and fulfillment! Thinking about these things is an excellent way to uncover your life’s calling. It is how you can begin to Unleash your Inner Beyoncé.