The Phenomenal Results of Taking Risks

When women share with me the BIG goals they want to go after and we start to talk about taking the risk it will take to get it, among all the reasons they share about why they have not taken the risk, fear and thoughts of things not going well are 2 most often shared. What do I say next? Playing it safe does not serve you. Letting those 2 reasons or any other reason or excuse you may come up with really does keep you from going after your breath taking future. And to even add to that, what if I were to tell you that when you take calculated, strategic risks, amazing things happen. Don’t believe me? Let me share three women as examples of women who changed not just their lives but many behind them just by taking risks…

Harriet Tubman - now of course see took a HUGE risk to escape and runaway for her freedom. But she did not stop there, this woman subsequently made some 13 missions, that are on record, to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people via the Underground Railroad. Think about it for a minute. With every plot to rescue more and more and help them go after their freedom, Harriet Tubman risked her OWN life!

Rosa Parks who was simply tired after a long day. Now she took the same bus ride home day after day, however on this day, she had enough and decided she was NOT going to move. Taking that risk on that day not only was she advocating for her own rights but little did she know that, that her taking a stand by remaining in that seat on the bus would become a catalyst for the boycott of the Montgomery buses for over a year, the first major direct action campaign of the civil rights movement.

Now it Women’s History month so you know I had to give a few historical examples but let me share a modern day example

Oprah Winfrey who took a huge risk to end her HUGELY successful TV show after a 25 year run to start a network. Think about it, to go from one show a day to programming 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days of the year was no small feat. On top of that in her initial leap, her network completely failed the first year! So many would have stopped there but I am sure, down in her belly Oprah knew, just like Harriet did and Rosa did, that this was BIGGER than her. I am sure Oprah knew that we needed inspirational and empowering programming more than an hour a day, 5 days a week. Because of her leap and because she did not give up, I have to say some of my favorite shows are on the OWN network = Cherish The Day, Greenleaf & Queen Sugar.

The point is, when you choose to do the thing that is rumbling in your spirit, taking a risk will not only change your life in the best way but it change the life for the people your life touches. I wonder if you realize that your BIG lead will bless more than you and that there are people are waiting for your YES so that their YES can come true.

For example….

  • if your gift is around health and fitness, think of the people whose physical health will be transformed in your YES to start your business
  • if you have a gift for connecting people to enhance business, imagine not only the revenue your will bring into your current job when you shift from where you are into an advanced business development role whether that be VP or Executive VP, not only will revenue grow for your business, and your paycheck along with it but think of all the people whose needs will be met because you are advancing other businesses

I could go on with more examples but I hope you are getting my point, when you have a gift and it is time to grow it to expand your territory your yes to move it forward, to get the strategy, to enhance your skills is bigger than you!

So as we celebrate Women’s History Month how can you be a legacy in the making by going after your BIG dreams? Imagine how your YES expands past you and touch’s a nation, it changes our world.

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