Amplify Your Success by Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

As you are reading this, you’re probably feeling a rumble in your belly for more, but you’re too comfortable. Meaning that it is easier for you to stay right where you are doing what you are doing. You’re great at coming up with 100 reasons why you can’t move forward, but what if I were to tell you that those are just fear coming up with all the reasons you can’t. What if instead you found all the reasons you can and should!

And really what is probably coming up for you is the fear of starting and not being able to make it happen. The fear of failure. Fear of failure could actually be a fear of several different things at play. It might be the fear of being judged or criticized. Or it might just be the fear of wasting time on something that you don’t think will work out in the end. In order to overcome it, let’s dig deep and see how fear paralyzes you from moving into your next level.

1. You Are Taking It Personal. A great way to get in your own way is to blame yourself when something has gone wrong and in all actuality many factors are outside of your control For example, not acknowledging the effect of the economy on your new business venture, or the effect that distance has on an intimate relationship, isn’t reasonable. You must realize that sometimes when things don’t work out it is has nothing to do with any part you have played in it.

2. Allow Mistakes To Be Lessons Not Roadblocks. Often times when you tried something in the past and it did not work out, you judge your future based on it. Now while you should learn lessons from mistakes you may have made, it doesn’t mean you will make the same mistake again. You gain wisdom when you learn from any given situation. Like for instance in my first business attempt I failed miserably however what I learned is that I did not have the right strategy in place the first time. So after hiring a coach and restructuring my business my 2nd attempt was successful. Regardless of whether or not an attempt is successful, you learn something every time you try. So stop letting yesterday’s mistakes hinder tomorrows progress. Learn from it and grow.

3. Get Clear On Your Why. Sometimes fear of failure is actually tied into other people’s expectations of you so stop trying to be what others expect of you. Instead get clear on what YOU want. It’s your life. Choose your own vision of success and then have the guts to go after it!

4. How Will You Feel If You Never Try. Think of 5 years from now, how about 10, what will it feel like if you never got started? Sometimes the pain of sitting on the sidelines is stronger than the fear of failing. I heard a quote that once said that 95% of people die having only used 5% of their gifts and talents. I bet if we were able to ask that 95% they would say they never got started because they were afraid to fail. I think the fear of never living in your breath taking future should be larger than your fear to fail.

5. Consider the worst case scenario. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I bet whatever it is, you can definitely recover from it. If you’re prepared for the worst, but expect the best there’s no reason to not work toward all you desire and deserve. Plus as I said in #2 every failure is an opportunity to grow. So really your worst case scenario is that you grow from any situation that does not turn out the way you thought it would.

Minimizing your fear of failure is critical to going after the abundant life that is yours for the taking. That is exactly why I wanted to create a tool to support you in this journal = The Face Fear & Rise Journal so that you can do the work to uncover whatever could keep you from ALL that is possible for you. You can grab your FREE copy in the Women of Brilliance Facebook Group not a member, join us at

At some point, it’s important to forge ahead in spite of fear. There’s nothing wrong with taking action, even if you’re a little uncomfortable. Matter of fact, dealing with discomfort is how you reach your next level of success.

Doing the work to fight through fear will enrich your life and you will find the freedom to go after your breathtaking future!