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How To Stand Out In a Crowded Market

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to start your business based on your expertise knowing exactly what your customers need. However, no matter how dynamic you are as a sales expert, image consultant, marketing maven, a coach, a speaker, an author, etc… no matter how phenomenal your product or service is, the simple truth is that no one says yes to you or what you do it if they don’t believe you are the solution to their problem. The one question every customer is thinking in their mind is WIIFM = What’s In It For Me? So at the end of the day, who you are as a business owner is really NOT about you! It’s ALL about the people you serve and their ability to see you as the answer to their problem. And once they see what they need in you, it makes it easy for them to say yes to you. So how do you use the WIIFM factor to stand out in a crowded market? Here are the 3 questions you must address as part of the visibility plan for your business.

  • Why Do My Customers Need Me? How does what you do answer their problem and how do you package it in a way that they see not just the outcome that you will help them get to, but the value that you provide in the provision of that service.
  • Who Are They? Truly understanding the population you serve is key. After all, NO ONE serves everyone but if you can hone in on the exact group of people that your products & services are ideal for and speak only to them, it makes all the difference in the world! If you tailor your provision of services to who they are, what they do, their lifestyle and focus, you will have a winning combination that will generate revenue effortlessly.
  • How Are They Being Served? You have to know what is happening out in your marketplace. Who else is serving your target population and in what way are they being served and how? You must know who your competitors are & what you do that is NOT being addressed or how you address it in a different way. The goal is to stand out, not fit in.

Assuring your business answers these 3 questions in all you do, will make a fundamental difference in your ability not just to sell but to stand out. Without it, when you or your business is not using your marketing as a visibility tactic to stand out as the answer to a need, it’s like you are a caterpillar in a cocoon. Think about the big difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly. And for some business owners your inability to make a profit, just simply means you are hiding in your own cocoon. You are sitting comfortably and not allowing yourself to be seen for the value and beauty you can bring to someone’s business or life!!

With this in mind, here are the final 2 steps to stand out in a crowded market, to grow your visibility.

  • Get in front of them. This is why business owners that have a visibility strategy really DO generate revenue. I am talking about strategy around your message and your message platform that should include:
    • Speaking
    • Social Media (a Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram posting strategy)
    • Video, Periscope & Blab
    • Media (Radio, TV, guests on podcasts & teleseminars)

    Having a visibility strategy allows your ideal clients to learn who you are and the value you bring. To walk you through this strategy plus more, grab a copy of my free eBook Elevate Power Pack which gives you the one tool you need to map out the visibility strategy for your business so that your brilliance will be heard, valued & wanted.

    • Meet them where they are. Using a visibility strategy is not about you telling people what you do. It’s about your ideal client hearing what they need, the exact way that they need it coming from you. And when you do they will say things to you like, “oh my goodness, I feel you are talking directly to me.”

    Implementing these 5 strategic steps will create a shift in what’s possible in your business. After all, didn’t you start your business because you wanted to BE THE ANSWER to a need in your marketplace? So allow your customers WIIFM to be the lead in all you do so that you stand out in a crowded market based on who you are and how you serve a need in a way that ONLY you can do!

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How To Make Money While You Sleep

No matter how successful you are in your business, there is only one of you. Meaning that on any given day you only have so much time in that day, so if you can’t clone yourself, there is only so much you can do and only so many people you can serve which also means there is a limit to how money you can make. However, there is a way you can generate more revenue in your business without spending any more time IN your business. That is in your understanding of how to do what I call making money while you sleep.

When I say this to most entrepreneurs, they don’t think this is possible. Like, take for instance, Deborah Tillman, America’s Super Nanny on Lifetime TV. When I met Deborah, there were more parents that needed her than the number of hours she had in her day. And when I began to work with her and coach her to create a way that she could serve all that needed her without adding any more hours into her day, she simply thought it was impossible.

The answer is really quite simple. By defining what you do into what I call a FIERCE Formula. As an entrepreneur, whether you are one year into your business or have been doing what you do for 15 years, I am sure you have discovered that most clients come to you looking to buy a solution to their problems, wants or needs. They come looking to get to a result, so, rather than trying to sell them your time via a one on one coaching or consulting program, if you took what you do and packaged it into a FIERCE Formula it would expand your capacity and give you several ways you can serve your clients.

Now here’s the exciting part, once you create a formula from your intellectual property it allows you to create multiple revenue streams from it. See it is understanding the fundamentals that make up your secret sauce that allows you to create additional ways to serve all that need you, somewhere you are present and some that you are not, here are a few examples;

  • Each step of your formula can become its own conversation by itself as a do it yourself program. Do it yourself meaning that can be going through a program you have created while you are busy on a stage someplace else serving another group of people.
  • You can create various tiers of programming using a combination of 2 or 3 of the steps as a lower price point product that could get a potential client a jump-start toward a longer-term program. One program becomes more of a deep dive then the next. Depending on the various results your client seeks would speak to how you break down the various levels and steps within each level.
  • Each step could be its own stand-alone workshop or a weekend retreat experience where you move participants from step to step.
  • Each step can become a chapter in a book

I could go on; the possibilities are endless!

In essence, when you create a FIERCE Formula you create a higher perceived value on how something is accomplished as opposed to selling an individual service that does not clearing define a beginning, middle or end. Ultimately for you, creating a FIERCE Formula makes doing business much easier because you have a simple way of describing what you do, and from it, you can create multiple streams of income. This becomes the winning equation to truly move your business beyond just you serving people one on one into all the ways you can serve more people with your expertise, and make more money while you do it.

But I have to tell you where I also see people fail in creating this business model is you don’t start by getting clear on what your fierce formula is, what it does and the best way to create a methodology from it that becomes the foundation to how you do business. Without this clarity, I have seen many entrepreneurs never fully find the grace and ease that comes with the freedom and flexibility that being a CEO of the brand called you should bring you!

Learning how to move from hustling your time for dollars in your business and moving from a one to one model to a one to many model is what brings you that grace and ease in your business! It is what allows you to serve more people without spending more energy or more time while you make more money. Oh and make money while you sleep!

If you enjoyed this article, get more strategy and tools in my eBook Bankroll Your Brilliance: 15 Ways To Generate Revenue from What You Know by clicking here

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