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The Phenomenal Results of Taking Risks

When women share with me the BIG goals they want to go after and we start to talk about taking the risk it will take to get it, among all the reasons they share about why they have not taken the risk, fear and thoughts of things not going well are 2 most often shared. What do I say next? Playing it safe does not serve you. Letting those 2 reasons or any other reason or excuse you may come up with really does keep you from going after your breath taking future. And to even add to that, what if I were to tell you that when you take calculated, strategic risks, amazing things happen. Don’t believe me? Let me share three women as examples of women who changed not just their lives but many behind them just by taking risks…

Harriet Tubman - now of course see took a HUGE risk to escape and runaway for her freedom. But she did not stop there, this woman subsequently made some 13 missions, that are on record, to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people via the Underground Railroad. Think about it for a minute. With every plot to rescue more and more and help them go after their freedom, Harriet Tubman risked her OWN life!

Rosa Parks who was simply tired after a long day. Now she took the same bus ride home day after day, however on this day, she had enough and decided she was NOT going to move. Taking that risk on that day not only was she advocating for her own rights but little did she know that, that her taking a stand by remaining in that seat on the bus would become a catalyst for the boycott of the Montgomery buses for over a year, the first major direct action campaign of the civil rights movement.

Now it Women’s History month so you know I had to give a few historical examples but let me share a modern day example

Oprah Winfrey who took a huge risk to end her HUGELY successful TV show after a 25 year run to start a network. Think about it, to go from one show a day to programming 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days of the year was no small feat. On top of that in her initial leap, her network completely failed the first year! So many would have stopped there but I am sure, down in her belly Oprah knew, just like Harriet did and Rosa did, that this was BIGGER than her. I am sure Oprah knew that we needed inspirational and empowering programming more than an hour a day, 5 days a week. Because of her leap and because she did not give up, I have to say some of my favorite shows are on the OWN network = Cherish The Day, Greenleaf & Queen Sugar.

The point is, when you choose to do the thing that is rumbling in your spirit, taking a risk will not only change your life in the best way but it change the life for the people your life touches. I wonder if you realize that your BIG lead will bless more than you and that there are people are waiting for your YES so that their YES can come true.

For example….

  • if your gift is around health and fitness, think of the people whose physical health will be transformed in your YES to start your business
  • if you have a gift for connecting people to enhance business, imagine not only the revenue your will bring into your current job when you shift from where you are into an advanced business development role whether that be VP or Executive VP, not only will revenue grow for your business, and your paycheck along with it but think of all the people whose needs will be met because you are advancing other businesses

I could go on with more examples but I hope you are getting my point, when you have a gift and it is time to grow it to expand your territory your yes to move it forward, to get the strategy, to enhance your skills is bigger than you!

So as we celebrate Women’s History Month how can you be a legacy in the making by going after your BIG dreams? Imagine how your YES expands past you and touch’s a nation, it changes our world.

Need support with going after your next level? Grab a free copy of my Plan B Playbook that will walk you through the 4 key areas that when you hone in on, will help you make the pivot you need to make to take the risk it will take to make 2020 abundantly above all you could ever wish or think. Grab your copy at (by the way when you go to this link, it will take you to my facebook messenger so YES you are going to the right place)

AND if the insight from this blog was helpful to you, for even more, listen in to this month’s episode of my Amplify Your Brilliance Podcast called – “A Legacy in The Making” at

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Amplify Your Success by Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

As you are reading this, you’re probably feeling a rumble in your belly for more, but you’re too comfortable. Meaning that it is easier for you to stay right where you are doing what you are doing. You’re great at coming up with 100 reasons why you can’t move forward, but what if I were to tell you that those are just fear coming up with all the reasons you can’t. What if instead you found all the reasons you can and should!

And really what is probably coming up for you is the fear of starting and not being able to make it happen. The fear of failure. Fear of failure could actually be a fear of several different things at play. It might be the fear of being judged or criticized. Or it might just be the fear of wasting time on something that you don’t think will work out in the end. In order to overcome it, let’s dig deep and see how fear paralyzes you from moving into your next level.

1. You Are Taking It Personal. A great way to get in your own way is to blame yourself when something has gone wrong and in all actuality many factors are outside of your control For example, not acknowledging the effect of the economy on your new business venture, or the effect that distance has on an intimate relationship, isn’t reasonable. You must realize that sometimes when things don’t work out it is has nothing to do with any part you have played in it.

2. Allow Mistakes To Be Lessons Not Roadblocks. Often times when you tried something in the past and it did not work out, you judge your future based on it. Now while you should learn lessons from mistakes you may have made, it doesn’t mean you will make the same mistake again. You gain wisdom when you learn from any given situation. Like for instance in my first business attempt I failed miserably however what I learned is that I did not have the right strategy in place the first time. So after hiring a coach and restructuring my business my 2nd attempt was successful. Regardless of whether or not an attempt is successful, you learn something every time you try. So stop letting yesterday’s mistakes hinder tomorrows progress. Learn from it and grow.

3. Get Clear On Your Why. Sometimes fear of failure is actually tied into other people’s expectations of you so stop trying to be what others expect of you. Instead get clear on what YOU want. It’s your life. Choose your own vision of success and then have the guts to go after it!

4. How Will You Feel If You Never Try. Think of 5 years from now, how about 10, what will it feel like if you never got started? Sometimes the pain of sitting on the sidelines is stronger than the fear of failing. I heard a quote that once said that 95% of people die having only used 5% of their gifts and talents. I bet if we were able to ask that 95% they would say they never got started because they were afraid to fail. I think the fear of never living in your breath taking future should be larger than your fear to fail.

5. Consider the worst case scenario. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I bet whatever it is, you can definitely recover from it. If you’re prepared for the worst, but expect the best there’s no reason to not work toward all you desire and deserve. Plus as I said in #2 every failure is an opportunity to grow. So really your worst case scenario is that you grow from any situation that does not turn out the way you thought it would.

Minimizing your fear of failure is critical to going after the abundant life that is yours for the taking. That is exactly why I wanted to create a tool to support you in this journal = The Face Fear & Rise Journal so that you can do the work to uncover whatever could keep you from ALL that is possible for you. You can grab your FREE copy in the Women of Brilliance Facebook Group not a member, join us at

At some point, it’s important to forge ahead in spite of fear. There’s nothing wrong with taking action, even if you’re a little uncomfortable. Matter of fact, dealing with discomfort is how you reach your next level of success.

Doing the work to fight through fear will enrich your life and you will find the freedom to go after your breathtaking future!

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How To Successfully Transition From Corporate Career to Entrepreneurship

Whenever I talk to someone about entrepreneurship, the three F’s come to mind: Freedom, Flexibility, and Financial Potential. The benefits of being your own boss far outweigh the regular 9 to 5. The idea of not being penned to a desk and having to answer to a superior, the flexibility of being able to work anywhere you want when you want, and having a form of control over your earning potential can’t be beaten. These three F’s have many people in the American workplace running to entrepreneurship.

According to, there are 550,000 people every month in the United States leaving corporate America for entrepreneurship. It’s great that more people are taking that risk. However, there’s another “F” that I also must mention when it comes to starting your own business and that’s “Failure.” Eighty percent of entrepreneurs who set out to start their own business don’t make it past their first year of being in business, and a huge reason for this is because they don’t have a plan set in place to take them from A to Z.

It’s not enough to have a great business idea. You have to know how to turn your ideas into profit and you need a solid plan in place to get you from idea to revenue. In order to make the successful leap from employee to entrepreneur, here are 5 steps that will help you map out a plan and with the right movement and timing behind them, can easily steer you on the path to writing your own paycheck.

  • Don’t quit your day job…yet Since flexibility and freedom are two of the main reasons many desire to be their own boss, quitting your day job is usually the first thing you set your sights on. However, unless you have quite a bit of a nest egg or a trust fund, it’s often the last step you should take. The smartest way to approach going into your new business venture is to build your business alongside your 9 to 5. When you quit your day job without any kind of gain in your business, you put yourself in a limited financial position and what I know for sure is, you need to be in a position of abundance in order to create abundance. Meaning, you can’t create more from a place of lack and when you’re worried about how you’re going to eat and keep a roof over your head, this becomes your focus. Yes, it has been done but it’s an approach full of unnecessary struggle. So my suggestion to you is to build your business alongside your 9 to 5 and when you get to predictable income, then you can jump ship. Here are the 4 steps that can lead you there.
  • How Are You The Answer to a Need? I’ve seen this happen many times: people get super excited about starting their business, building their brand, etc., and they often go out and get all the business accoutrements (logo, business cards, website, etc..) and get stuck here because they haven’t fully thought through the next steps. While your logo and website may attract the eye, what’s going to keep your customer there? Remember this: you are 1 of 550,000 starting a business that particular month. How are you the answer to someone’s need in the marketplace? You must be able to define who you are in a way that provides clarity, confidence, and value to your potential customers. In my business, I help my clients to figure this out through what I call my “Fierce Formula.” When you are standing in the full power of what makes you the answer to someone’s need and you package it from that standpoint, the revenue automatically follows.
  • How Will You Package it? The key to building a successful business alongside your 9 to 5 is to build it in such a way that it allows you to make money while you sleep. What’s the key to doing this? You have to establish a business model for yourself that doesn’t require you to be present. For example, whether I’m coaching one on one, or doing a group seminar, I’m simultaneously bringing in revenue through my online courses, yes those programs where I am not physically present. You only have so many hours in a day and if you’re only packaging your brilliance based on hours and you being present, you’ll never get to six figures in your business. You need to have 4-6 streams of income and at least two of those revenue streams should programs that don’t require your physical presence.
  • How Will You Measure Success? One thing many business owners neglect to do upfront is figure out how much money they will need to generate, and how they plan to do so quarter after quarter, month after month in order to reach their desired income. A good starting point to help you figure this out is to go by what you’re making now at your day job. This allows you to at least begin with what you will need to sustain your current lifestyle. You need to have a plan that gets you to at least that level in your own business.
  • What’s Your Give Notice Deadline? Once you know all the answers to 1 – 4, it will be easier to determine how long it will take you to be able to hand in that letter of resignation and start packing up your office. Begin by setting weekly and monthly goals for yourself, eventually working your way up to quarterly and yearly predictable income in your business.

Some people have a hard time seeing how they can create a successful business on their own. They’re successful in corporate America and contributing to someone else’s company but they can’t quite see how to duplicate that same success in their own business. It’s okay. Coming up with and executing the perfect formula for your success takes time. But if you stick to the five things mentioned above, you’ll be working from the resort of your choice in no time.

To get the strategy that will help you start your transition now, grab a copy of my free eBook Alongside My 9 to 5: My plan to pivot from corporate into entrepreneurship by CLICKING HERE

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Unleash Your Inner Beyonce

It’s all too easy to believe our talents and gifts are not worth pursuing. What I know for sure is that - Everyone Has Gifts & Talents! When I think of someone who is focused and aware of her talent, it makes me think of Beyoncé. I absolutely love watching Beyoncé perform. When she performs, what I see is her inner genius coming forth. I see the very thing she was born to do and that she is absolutely great at! Matter of fact, she is unapologetic about it!! And as I watch Beyoncé in all of her splendor, it fills me up with the excitement that I too can be Beyoncé. Well I can’t actually be Beyoncé or really Sasha FIERCE = the alter ego she becomes on stage, but what I realize is I have my OWN FIERCE inside of me. Well, we each do! All you need to do to do is Unleash our Inner Beyoncé, our very own FIERCE and stand in it unapologetically. How do you do that, let me give you 3 steps to help you start this journey.

Step #1: What Are You Proficient In?

  • Maybe you love writing up detailed reports and therefore have a natural skill for writing.
  • Maybe you get compliments on your great presentations at work. This may mean you would be great as a public speaker or trainer.

Step #2: What Are You Passionate About Doing?

If you still think you don’t have much talent, start looking at what you love to do.

  • Maybe you love to shop and your family and friends constantly tell you how good you are at putting outfits together.
  • Maybe you love to write and whenever they read what you have written they remark about your incredible creation.

  • Maybe you find yourself doodling a masterpiece when you have some idle time.
  • Maybe you find that all your friends come to you with their problems and they call you their coach?

If you think about what you really enjoy doing and what you are great at, you’ll find that you’ve been drawn to it over and over again. It tends to be true that the better we are at something, the more we enjoy doing it.

Step #3: What Problem Do You Solve? When you think about what you love to do and what you are great at, these 2 things together are usually the very thing someone else needs.

  • Those shopping skills can translate to your being a stylist.
  • Those writing skills can lead you to a career writing for some of your favorite magazines or to help others write their book.
  • That doodling can lead you to graphic design.
  • The fact that everyone comes to you for direction may indeed mean you would be a great coach.

These 3 steps are part of my FIERCE Framework that I use when I am helping women understand to move their purpose into their paycheck. (To deep dive even further into this work, grab a free copy of my eBook What Your FIERCE: Finding & Following Your Purpose by CLICKING HERE.)

What I know is that if you package your skill and talents into a way you serve the world, you get to do what you love and make money while you do it! Now isn’t that worth exploring? Isn’t that worth Unleashing your Inner Beyoncé?

If you let yourself accept that you probably have undiscovered talents, enjoy this adventure of discovery. It could very well take your life to higher levels of wealth and fulfillment! Thinking about these things is an excellent way to uncover your life’s calling. It is how you can begin to Unleash your Inner Beyoncé.

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How To Stand Out In a Crowded Market

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to start your business based on your expertise knowing exactly what your customers need. However, no matter how dynamic you are as a sales expert, image consultant, marketing maven, a coach, a speaker, an author, etc… no matter how phenomenal your product or service is, the simple truth is that no one says yes to you or what you do it if they don’t believe you are the solution to their problem. The one question every customer is thinking in their mind is WIIFM = What’s In It For Me? So at the end of the day, who you are as a business owner is really NOT about you! It’s ALL about the people you serve and their ability to see you as the answer to their problem. And once they see what they need in you, it makes it easy for them to say yes to you. So how do you use the WIIFM factor to stand out in a crowded market? Here are the 3 questions you must address as part of the visibility plan for your business.

  • Why Do My Customers Need Me? How does what you do answer their problem and how do you package it in a way that they see not just the outcome that you will help them get to, but the value that you provide in the provision of that service.
  • Who Are They? Truly understanding the population you serve is key. After all, NO ONE serves everyone but if you can hone in on the exact group of people that your products & services are ideal for and speak only to them, it makes all the difference in the world! If you tailor your provision of services to who they are, what they do, their lifestyle and focus, you will have a winning combination that will generate revenue effortlessly.
  • How Are They Being Served? You have to know what is happening out in your marketplace. Who else is serving your target population and in what way are they being served and how? You must know who your competitors are & what you do that is NOT being addressed or how you address it in a different way. The goal is to stand out, not fit in.

Assuring your business answers these 3 questions in all you do, will make a fundamental difference in your ability not just to sell but to stand out. Without it, when you or your business is not using your marketing as a visibility tactic to stand out as the answer to a need, it’s like you are a caterpillar in a cocoon. Think about the big difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly. And for some business owners your inability to make a profit, just simply means you are hiding in your own cocoon. You are sitting comfortably and not allowing yourself to be seen for the value and beauty you can bring to someone’s business or life!!

With this in mind, here are the final 2 steps to stand out in a crowded market, to grow your visibility.

  • Get in front of them. This is why business owners that have a visibility strategy really DO generate revenue. I am talking about strategy around your message and your message platform that should include:
    • Speaking
    • Social Media (a Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram posting strategy)
    • Video, Periscope & Blab
    • Media (Radio, TV, guests on podcasts & teleseminars)

    Having a visibility strategy allows your ideal clients to learn who you are and the value you bring. To walk you through this strategy plus more, grab a copy of my free eBook Elevate Power Pack which gives you the one tool you need to map out the visibility strategy for your business so that your brilliance will be heard, valued & wanted.

    • Meet them where they are. Using a visibility strategy is not about you telling people what you do. It’s about your ideal client hearing what they need, the exact way that they need it coming from you. And when you do they will say things to you like, “oh my goodness, I feel you are talking directly to me.”

    Implementing these 5 strategic steps will create a shift in what’s possible in your business. After all, didn’t you start your business because you wanted to BE THE ANSWER to a need in your marketplace? So allow your customers WIIFM to be the lead in all you do so that you stand out in a crowded market based on who you are and how you serve a need in a way that ONLY you can do!

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