Nicole Roberts Jones

Founder of NRJ Enterprises

Can I get a little honest right now?

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What do you want?

Is there something you want to achieve but it scares you or you can’t imagine how you can make it happen?

Matter of fact, most of us find ourselves doing everything we were told we “should do” only to realize that the place we are in isn’t what we wanted or imagined.

I know that is the exact place I found myself in years ago. It was 1993, when I was in one of the greatest seasons of my life, by everyone else’s definition.

I had the job in Hollywood many people dream of.

However, what I realized is that, living “the dream” was becoming MY nightmare.

Now don't get me wrong working in Hollywood was GREAT! But what I REALLY wanted was to somehow make a difference in the world.

I wanted to make a difference in the world...

Well in the midst of me feeling torn between what the world said I should be or do and what my soul wanted, one of my friends asked me to volunteer at a program at our church.

That night, something in me came ALIVE! I realized I was born to help people transform their lives. I knew in that moment this is EXACTLY where I was meant to be and I began to really listen to my soul.

It was that moment that shifted everything.. my whole being... and I knew I had to pursue this thing. It was in that moment that I found the Power of the ONE thing I was created to do in this world. I found my life's calling!

Sure it was scary and I had no idea what I was doing but that rumble in my belly calling me to this work was bigger than anything I had ever felt. I knew in that moment it was time for me to GO GET IT!!!

What I have come to learn from that epiphany moment is that that rumble in my belly, that passion inside of me, could actually lead me to living a life I was born to live! It lead me to my calling! Plus making money while I did! I also realized this was not just an epiphany moment for me, it was moment for every woman I am blessed to coach and teach!

The question is do you have the same bold, intense, ferocious determination to go after it?

Nicole Roberts Jones
Nicole Roberts Jones Tri-Fold

Formal Bio

Nicole Roberts Jones is uniquely gifted at one thing – drawing out what’s best in YOU and helping you take your Brilliance to The Bank. A veteran of the entertainment industry, Nicole worked in Talent Management and Casting before shifting her talents to become the Founder & CEO of NRJ Enterprises.

She now works with entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of income from what they already know in order to build an empire from their expertise. Her clients have included the Steve Harvey World Group, Dell EMC, McDonalds, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lisa Nichols and Motivating the Masses, Coach Diversity Institute, the BOSS Network and Working Mother Magazine to name a few.

Nicole is also a nationally recognized transformational speaker, bankroll your brilliance expert and best-selling author of four books, the most recent being Find Your Fierce. She lives with her husband in a suburb of Washington DC, consulting, writing and creating breakthroughs for her clients.

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