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15: Celebration is a MUST!

“Be willing to celebrate yourself even when nobody else does” - @NRobertsJones Click To Tweet

Energy goes where energy flows!

As we embark on Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to get you in the position to up-level the gratitude that comes back to you!

During this episode, you will be given a three-part celebration process that will position you for that next big bold move you are looking to achieve in your life.

It’s time to celebrate YOU!

“No accomplishment is too small” - @NRobertsJones Click To Tweet


“Take time to celebrate” - @NRobertsJones Click To Tweet

Times Stamps:

  • 04:13 – Celebrating your first achievements
  • 05:06 – “Be willing to celebrate ourselves even when nobody else does” – @NRobertsJones
  • 07:32 – Celebrating somebody you love
  • 09:05 – Paying it forward
  • 09:51 – “Take time to celebrate” – @NRobertsJones

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