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It’s Time To Choose Powerfully

Every day our lives are full of choices.  Waking up in the morning as the alarm goes off or laying there for a few more minutes is a choice.  Working out is a choice.  Even when you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner you are making a choice.  Our lives really are dictated by the choices that we make.  So, if that is the case, imagine where your business could be if you choose to go all in.  If you choose to stop second guessing yourself and began to move forward to be all that you are meant to be and do all that you need to do to get there.

As we enter into the last few weeks of 2017, I want to invite you to stop and recognize that in each new moment, you have the opportunity to make a choice – a choice that will inspire you and leave you feeling powerful instead of powerless. In a place of power, you find your positive most authentic self.  In a place of power, you are empowered and alive and ready to go after ALL you desire and deserve.

I know you may be thinking to yourself, “Nicole where is all of this coming from?” Well what I hear from so many woman, really what I hear from many of you reading this blog.  Whether it was an email you sent, a comment you made on my facebook page or something you’ve shared with me when I have had the opportunity to chat with you live in person.  What you share, is all the things you really want and then you go into giving me all the excuses why you can’t go after it.  And imagine what you could and would do if you let go of every excuse.  Every reason why you couldn’t.

Well that is exactly why I am sharing this will you to do as my challenge from me to you.  I am challenging you to get over the excuses.  To let go of all the reasons you can’t and instead to focus on all the reasons you CAN.  It is time for you to choose to go after that BIG dream, that big goal and stop allowing situation and circumstances to stop you.  It’s time for you to move past just wanting and to choose to do whatever it takes to go after it.

It’s from THIS place of choice that you find your power, and remember the gift that you are instead of focusing on any of the negative things people have done to you or said about you that may leave you feeling broken, hurt or ashamed.  By the way, it is those broken places where excuses are made.  Today I am saying NO MORE EXCUSES!   If you want 2018 to be abundantly above all you could EVER ask or think, it is time to find your place of power and let that power fuel your soul.

So, as we end 2017, how will you choose to live as your most powerful self?  How will you allow that power to dictate the choices you make NOW that will lead toward your ELEVATION in 2018!


Nicole Roberts Jones is known for her ability to draw the best out of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, heads of states & celebrities through her expertise in business, program and talent development.   As the creator of the FIERCE Formula Nicole works with entrepreneurs to develop multiple streams of income building an empire from their expertise.  Her corporate training programs partner purpose with performance to develop high-performing employees who excel at work and who align their purpose with their paycheck.  To learn more and for updates on programs or services join our FREE facebook group

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