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Why Women Entrepreneurs Are Setting Themselves Up for Failure

Let me make sure you know that you are reading an article that is for you. When I say women entrepreneurs the insight I will walk you through to master your significance and move failure into predictable revenue  this is for the woman who makes a living from her expertise, her knowledge, her brilliance or wants to. Coaches, that’s you. That’s also you, consultants. If you’re a therapist of any kind, this is definitely for you. If you’re an infopreneur where you’ve been showing people how to do things, this is for you. If you’re a professional service provider who depends on your expertise, you’re an attorney, you’re an accountant and so on, this is for ALL of you. In other words, if you use your knowledge to solve a major life or business problem, this is the place for you!

So now that you know I am talking to you, you may be saying something to yourself like, Nicole how is that I may be setting myself up for failure? I am going to walk you through the 3 areas that you must look at in your business and how to move out of struggle and master your own significance.  So that you not only move into what is a successful business but you can truly understand how to bankroll your brilliance and lead yourself to predictable revenue year after year.

So first, let me tell you what I see going on out there in the 20 plus years I have been in what some would call the expert industry.  Now most would say that the expert industry is TRULY on the rise right now. These are the people you see out there who have taken their life experience or business expertise and created programs and products to serve the masses. They have blogs, books, online programs, do it yourself courses, masterminds, you name it.  And for all intensive purposes they are well known for simply sharing what they know and are making millions while they do it.   Sounds like great right. Who wouldn’t want to be a prat of an industry that is booming right now. The problem is this, if you don’t have the structure and strategy around your expertise what will look like it is starting off great and exciting will quickly turn into despair.

What do I mean?  In doing the research around this growing problem, here’s what I found. About 80% of entrepreneurs are making less than $50,000 a year. That’s more than half are not running a profitable business.  Why?  Here are the 3 reasons why they are setting themselves up for failure.

1.They Suffer From The Milli Vanili Syndrome.   Do you remember who Milli Vanili is?  Milli Vanili was an R&B duo who in the 90’s won a Grammy award for their debut single, “Girl You Know It’s True.” However their success instantly turned to scandal when their agent confessed that they did not sing any of the vocals heard on the record. Yes, they lip synced through it all!  This resulted in the group being stripped of their Grammy.  Do you remember that?   Well believe it or not, this same thing is happening out in entrepreneur land.  Despite the fact that many entrepreneurs are what I call Facebook famous, Here’s the problem.  If you simply copy someone else’s brilliance, where do you fit into that equation?  Where does your brilliance, your FIERCE get to shine through?   What happens, is you lose your own FIERCE Factor which is what makes you unique and gifted to do what you do in a way that NO ONE else is doing it in your marketplace.  So, it is important to show up authentically YOU and allow your brilliance, your DNA (distinct, natural, ability) to light your path and not the script from someone else’s.

Keep in mind, when people follow you and sign up for your list or come back to your blog or buy your products and services, it is because of your unique point of view. So why would you ignore that?  Remember it is YOUR gift, your FIERCE and core message that is what your brand stands for. Don’t swipe copy from someone else hoping it will work for you.  Stop trying to be like anyone else but YOU! THE PROBLEM HERE IS you MUST get clear on what your gift is and what you gift can and will allow you to do and how that becomes an answer to a group of people who need you and will pay you.

2.They Suffer from Being The Best Kept Secret. We know that people buy from people they know, like and trust, but how will they every get to build that if they do not have the opportunity to get to know you and see the value your brilliance can bring to their life or business?  So building visibility strategy in your business is all about granting people the opportunity to see and experience you. Position yourself as the expert. Bring your potential clients into the possibilities for a different life, a different result, a different them, if they were to allow you to serve them. Show them why they should pay YOU.   Show them that YOU are the answer they have been looking for!  Your gift MUST be seen so that people can build their know like & trust factor with you and you must have strategy around it.  After all just hopping on a social media channel and having a random conversation that does not help people understand how you are and what you do will not move your visibility any further.  Be consistent, concise and on point using your formula, your signature, your brilliance, your gift. THE PROBLEM HERE IS you must allow others to see what you got and gain value from it. They can’t do that if you’re hiding in your corner of world, poking your head out every once in a while with an inspirational post on Facebook.  No more hiding. It’s YOUR TIME to be seen!  But Strategically!!

3.They Suffer from Not Having Multiple Revenue Streams. I call this developing a platform to profit.  A platform to profit is, in essence, the formula you use to share your brilliance and (get this) make it easy for your ideal client to see the value of what you bring = building your visibility and then from there it is leading them to a call to action from your platform to profit which should include multiple programs and/or products you can use for them to become your client.  Your platform to profit in essence creates the pathway for someone to say YES to work with you and PAY you for it.  And that path should be strategic, set and simple. THE PROBLEM HERE IS without developing a platform to profit you are leaving money on the table. Long story short, your platform to profit facilitates the exchange of knowledge for profit. Without it, your business is downright shaky. You’ve done the work to attract and standout in the market, but now the people that have come, how do you move them into becoming a paying client? You’re confused about what to do next which means they are too and, without clarity, there is no cashing in your calling. Period. And a platform to profit equals serving all those that need you.   It equals bankrolling your brilliance on overflow.

Here’s the bottom line. The future of the female entrepreneur belongs to those  that are willing to become what I call the AVP in your industry which are the 3 critical piece I just walked you through;

A = Be the Authority.

V = Build Visibility.

P = Develop a Platform to Profit.

If don’t take the time to assess all 3 of the reasons why you could be setting your business up for failure and implement this AVP framework you will be in the 20% who never get to the revenue that is possible.   The copycat information that is out there, copycat marketing and broken promises are setting business up to fail point blank period.

If you want to win, the way to do it is to get clear on how to stand in the power of your gift, allow it to be seen, create multiple streams of income from it which moves you into getting predictable results for your clients. The copycats and side hustlers out there just aren’t going to get to the success that is possible when you TRULY bankroll your brilliance.  Instead let’s turn the tide for you on the significance your gift is meant to make in this work and so that you can make significant money while you do it.

P.S. If you are struggling with how to TRULY bankroll your brilliance so that you serve more people, spending less energy in your business then I want to invite you to my free webinar where I walk you through these 3 steps in greater detail.

I am teaching you how to become what I call the real AVP and really show up powerfully in your brilliance to be the answer to someone’s prayer.  Because you are. That is what you do when you stand in the full power of your gift!  Check out the details & register by going to

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