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4 Reasons You MUST Risk It All to Gain It All

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you are faced with a choice that involves a risk. It could be to leaving your big cushy job to start your own business, it could be to hire a coach to grow your business, it could be to move to a new state, it could be to change careers, it could even be to start a family, etc…..   Whatever it is, when most people think of taking a risk it brings up feelings of fear and uncertainty.  So many of us want success and we want it to be easy.  However, if you are ever going to do anything great you’ve got to take the chance, you’ve got to take a ris.  You have got to be willing to do something you have never done before if you want to produce different results.  You are going to have to risk it all to gain it all. Here are 4 reasons why you MUST take risks;

1.You Don’t Achieve Your Dreams In Your Comfort Zone. Many of us spend years playing small, compromising our joy and not really utilizing our true gifts and living as our greatest self.   Often, we want to stay comfortable doing the same old things we have done because it’s easy but it is when we do the hard thing, the difficult, not so easy where we find the biggest blessing.

2.Success Isn’t Instant— You Have to Pursue It. One of my favorite quotes is by Joan Baez that says – “Action is the antidote to despair” and really if you want to move forward into all that is possible, you have to take action. You MUST pursue it!  Now you have to know that people don’t benefit from risks without preparing to take them so you also have to set clear goals and follow through in order to go after  that BIG BOLD MOVE. You can’t just read and think about powerful new ideas, and think they will just happen, no you need to apply what you have learned.  You’ve got to be willing to do what you have to do to obtain what you really, really want.

3.Risks Teaches You Lessons About YOU. Risks give you the opportunity to really see who you are and how you are wired. It allows you to see from a new lense your talents, abilities, skills, opportunities and experiences.  Risks allows you to grow and discover new things about yourself and grow your strengths and talents to use them in a way you may have never used them before.  

4.Taking Risks Helps You Overcome Fear. Risk taking allows you to conquer your fears as you stop letting them paralyze you and work through them.  Risk taking allows you to feel powerful and in action as you make things happen rather than waiting for them to happen to 

Ultimately you have to look at what it is costing you to sit in your comfort zone and NOT take risks.  What does it mean for you never to do that thing you greatly desire?  Are you not moving forward because you worried about what other people will say or are you trying to maintain your spot with the status quo?  In addition to all of that, think about how it could be costing you your happiness and sense of fulfillment.

Taking risks will stretch you, grow you and give you faith in YOU and what you CAN DO!  When I think of the HUGE risk I took over 20 years ago to leave my BIG cushy job in the entertainment industry to start down the path of holding the space for women to Bankroll Their Brilliance, I realize with each BIG goal I set out and conquered, there was yet an even bigger one there waiting for me.  And with each new level I have grown in my skills, in my confidence and my ability to serve more, do more good in the world and make MORE money.

Have I faced mess ups and failures as I have taking risks? Definitely! But even the moments of complete failure I have learned a valuable lesson that has proven to help me grow in the direction that I started out to conquer, in the first place. So ultimately, the benefits of taking a risk are worth it! Today I want to challenge you to look at where you are and think about where you want to be, and take the risks necessary to go after it!


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