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Did You Sign Up for Good Enough?

There’s nothing wrong with being average, however who really signs up for being good enough?  So, if you REALLY want to create that breathtaking future you dream of, you will have to be willing to rise into what’s possible for you.  How do you know you are not rising into what’s possible? When you do things like;

  • Accept things you don’t want to do just because this is how people know you and you make up a story in your head that this is the only way they will accept you.
  • You hate getting up in the morning to go to work but you keep going to that job because it is what others expect of you.
  • When the thought of what everyone would say is keeping you at that job you hate instead of the thing you really want to do.
  • When you make excuses for why you stay in a career that is just not a good fit for you. Excuses like;
    • I Can Always Do my Passion as My Side Hustle
    • I Can’t Do This Now Because of My Kids
    • I’m Too Old to Start This Now
    • I Have Too Many Responsibilities. I Have Bills to Pay!
    • I Don’t Know How to Get Started

Any of these or anything close to it can easily keep you in the trap of living in average.

This is why I am holding my 5 day No Cost Virtual Event – the SLAY Summit starting on July 10th.  I have assembled 9 successful entrepreneurial women who have had to push past public perception to go after their MORE!  Join us by going to

What I know for sure is each of us has untapped gifts inside of us that are meant to set us apart from the cult of average. Every one of us has some special DNA (Distinct Natural Ability) in us that is the key to lead us to the abundance with our name on it but the question is, are you willing to do the work to go after it?   Here are 5 things you must do to move beyond average.

1.Write the Vision! Your vision starts with your dream. Dreams are the first step to moving you toward your goals.  And creating a vision board which captures your dream allows you to get a picture of what you want for your life.  If you remember years ago when vision boards first came on the screen, the reason they are so powerful is because what they do is display what you want and by you having a visual reminder it actually brings it to life. Keep in mind, what we focus on expands. So, if you don’t have a vision board CLICK HERE for a step by step process to create your vision board today.  So that you can begin to focus and claim what’s possible for you.

2.Be Committed to Lifelong Growth. Contrary to what we want to believe, we don’t know everything (LOL).  We have visions and dreams and we can’t get there without continually educating ourselves.  Without putting ourselves in a position to learn, we run the risk of not knowing enough to accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves and that is when you put yourself into that good enough bucket. Anytime you want something bigger than where you are, it is learning the tools you need to make this happen that allows you to expand your territory. 

3.Get in Action. In order to actual obtain the dream, you have to do the work to make it happenYou can’t just think about your goals and take a class or hire a coach to make them happen (yes you need those things too) but then you have to put in the work.  If you are going to achieve that BIG dream you really want.    You must be willing to dream big and take action – no matter how scared you may be.

4.Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. One of the worst things you can do in life is to stay where you’re comfortable. It is easy to do just what is expected but what if you really went beyond that and did was you know you really COULD do.  See when you are committed to lifelong learning, complacency is not comfortable for you. Being happy, achieving goals, and keeping your dream alive doesn’t just happen. It takes effort, sacrifice and planning. And as you write the vision, educate yourself and say yes to taking action, you will need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you feed, and nurture your dream, it grows into something bigger than you. But if you can see the endpoint, you’re not dreaming big enough! And that is why you must learn how to step out of your comfort zone.

5.Celebrate Yourself. In your journey to get to where you desire to be, don’t forget to stop and celebrate.  As children, you may have had parties or attended parties often.  We tend to celebrate children far more often then we celebrate ourselves as adults.  It’s time to get back to celebrating ourselves, personal acknowledgement, any way you can to celebrate and honor you.  It can be so easy to point out what we aren’t doing, where we have gotten off track or the mistakes we’ve made. That’s why it’s important to give attention to the areas where we are doing well – where we are doing the right things. Going forward, celebrate your small wins… your small successes. It is when you are in action, taking the small steps that lead toward your large victory. Each small step adds up to getting closer to your goals. So, as you begin to reach your goals, take time to celebrate along the way.

Everyone has a gift to offer the world, something that will set you apart and quite honestly something that sets your soul on fire.  It is when you move past average or god enough to really discover it, fine-tune it, work hard and grow it, that sets you apart from the status quo.

Let me ask you, what makes you think you can have an average business or an average career and make a difference? Average doesn’t make a difference. Average is average.   So today is the day that you no longer settle for good enough and claim the breathtaking future that is YOURS for the taking!

The desire to SAY YES TO MORE is the exact reasons why I am holding for the second year in a row my NO COST virtual 5-day event called the SLAY Summit.

What I know for sure is that if you read this far down in this article it’s because there is a call of exponential excellence and impact on your life, and it’s one you cannot continue to ignore. You may be dabbling in it right now, but we both know you’re not playing full out. So what’s REALLY going on?

Let me guess.


  • You want to learn from a group of successful entrepreneurs who have transitioned their PURPOSE & being authentically true to themselves into massive PROFIT?
  • You want to gain insight from a group of successful Power Players that started where you are right now and have grown collectively to transform millions of people = Making a Difference & Making Money While They Do It!
  • You want to get the insider secrets to develop a proven success strategy that will push you past inspiration and ideas and into the ABUNDANCE waiting for YOU!
  • You are ready to stand in your PURPOSE & POWER as you learn the keys to SLAY?
  • If this is YOU, it’s time to stop talking, hiding, doubting, apologizing and dreaming.

You have a God-given gift that is meant to serve this world and a message that can make a difference and money. You are the answer someone is waiting for. And you need the proven success strategy to push you past inspiration and ideas and into ACTION.

This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to learn from 9 FIERCE & Focused Power Players + ME who are uniquely positioned to help you overcome what’s been keeping you from getting the clients and sales you desire & deserve.  If you have yet to find the level of success in your business or you have not started your business, the SLAY Summit will give you the tools you need to create the momentum toward your breathtaking future.  It’s time for you to Say YES to MORE!

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