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Why the Milli Vanili Syndrome is Setting Businesses Up to Fail

Do you remember who Milli Vanili is?  Milli Vanili was an R&B duo who in the 90’s won a Grammy award for their debut single, “Girl You Know It’s True.” However their success instantly turned to scandal when their agent confessed that they did not sing any of the vocals heard on the record. Yes, they lip synced through it all!  This resulted in the group being stripped of their Grammy.  Do you remember that?   Well believe it or not, this same thing is happening out in entrepreneur land.  Despite the fact that many entrepreneurs are what I call Facebook famous, the hard truth is under 20% are earning $50,000 or more a year.  And do you know why this is?  I call this the Milli Vanili syndrome of entrepreneurship.

We’ve all seen it happen. An entrepreneur is out there crushing it!  You see their marketing efforts and how they are posting in Facebook, etc… and you think  to yourself ,  “wow I want my business to be just as successful as theirs”.  So, you start to do what they do right?   Now don’t get me wrong,  success does leave clues, however when just do what someone else is doing,  perhaps the first launch goes well but subsequent launches after that are failing.  Why?  Because what you are doing is lip syncing to their record.   Let me give you 3 reasons why the Milli Vanili Syndrome sets business up to fail.

1. It Leaves Out Your FIERCE Factor.  There are a lot systems out there that profess they are an easy plug and play for you.  They provide you with the exact structure and sometimes even give you the exact scripts to use to set your business up for success.  Here’s the problem with that, if you simply copy someone else’s brilliance, where do you fit into that equation?  Where does your brilliance, your FIERCE get to shine through?   What happens, is you lose your own FIERCE Factor which is what makes you unique and gifted to do what you do in a way that NO ONE else is doing it in your marketplace.  So, it is important to show up authentically YOU and allow your brilliance, your DNA (Distinct, Natural Ability) to light your path and not the script from someone else’s.

Keep in mind, when people follow you and sign up for your list or come back to your blog or buy your products and services, it is because of your unique point of view. So why would you ignore that?  Remember it is YOUR gift, your FIERCE and core message that is what your brand stands for. Don’t swipe copy from someone else hoping it will work for you.  Stop trying to be like anyone else but YOU!

2.You Are Building Your Business from 20%.  When you copy, or duplicate what someone else is doing, you are only copying from their 20%.  Why?  Because all you are able to see is what they put out in the marketplace.  What about all that is happening behind the scenes before they put that out? What about the work they did to learn their clients voice and their client’s needs and how their marketing campaign is designed for THEIR audience, not yours!!!  Sure, you may have ideal clients that look the same but putting your FIERCE Factor is what makes the difference in YOUR messaging.   The point is if you are copying someone else’s efforts that you CAN see, what about the other 80% that is going on the background that you cannot see? And being 20% of someone else is not as effective as being 100% of you! And dare I even say 20% isn’t going to bring you the same profit margin as you were hoping for.

3.Its Not About YOU!  The most important reason why you should not allow the Milli Vanili Syndrome to set in to your business, is that ultimately, the service you are providing is NOT ABOUT YOU!  It’s about the customer., the client you are serving and when you try and clone someone else’s efforts, what you are also doing is speaking to their audience and NOT YOURS!    The people who following you see you as the answer they want and need and when you are lip syncing to someone else’s toon, you begin to leave them behind. The result of that is they see you as fake, like you were a phony and you may very well mean every word you are saying but when it is not authentically you, people can spot that a mile away.

Keep in mind, that when people come to you, there is something about YOU that makes them feel like YOU are the person that can move their business or their life forward.    It is your FIERCE they see as the very thing that is the answer to their problem and when you package yourself based on someone else’s success, you are not speaking directly to those who need YOU!   The bottom line is this the reason that the Milli Vanili Syndrome sets business up to fail is that there is a group of people out there who need YOU. So stop lip syncing to other people’s songs and sing your own!

Not sure what your own song is?  I would love to serve you and help you get the clarity you need to get to the abundance with your name on it.  To get the tools you need to move your FIERCE forward, take my FREE Masterclass, Profit from Your Gift by going to


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