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The Year of MORE

If you have been here with me since the beginning of last year, you know that I shared in my January blog that in May of 2015 I had a stunning revelation!  It was one of those soul-stirring whispers that come to you in the middle of the night (when your mind tries to trick your body into sleep, but you’re already anticipating hitting the snooze button although morning is still hours away). I know you’ve been there, too. What came to me was an awakening in every sense of the word.  And it wasn’t about what I was doing—it was about what I wasn’t doing! I had become so comfortable and cozy, nestled down deep in the incredible successes of everyone else around me that I hadn’t realized I was really shying away from my more. I was playing—flirting—on the outskirts of my gift zone. I wasn’t standing powerfully in my gift.   In that moment, it hit me — traveling the world, speaking on stages, eyes wide shut and lights shining — I’d become the best kept secret.

With this great awakening moment, I set sails in 2016 as my year to MAGNIFY and if you saw my newsletter a few days ago outlining all we were able to accomplish in 2016, you know that I did just that (if you are missing my newsletters make sure you join at I stopped hiding and was able to serve over 100 women entrepreneurs in 2016 because I was more committed to those that need me, then the fear that kept me stuck playing small for way too long.  Yes even successful folks can play small.  And I have to tell you, because I committed more to me, I surpassed each goal I set for myself and my business in 2016.  Many of you joined me in that journey in 2016 and I’ve seen how you said yes to #MAGNIFY16 and I want you to know that I see you!  I see how you many of you have moved past your limitations, how you moved past fear or public perception and invested in YOU.  And you are growing alongside me.   A big virtual hug to you and guess what…. we ain’t done yet!!!!

The rumble I felt in my spirit as midnight came on Dec 31, 2016 is that there is yet MORE!   So I am declaring 2017 as The Year of MORE!  So many of us get to a level of success and then we feel guilty for wanting more.  Well I have to tell you that rumble in your belly telling you that you are hungry for more.  That you aren’t full yet is REAL!!!!  So listen to it. Matter of fact, one of the most important questions that many of us ask ourselves is, what do you want out of life? But to get to your MORE you have to up level that question and ask yourself, what are you willing to move past your comfort zone for.   Because if you are going to move beyond where you are, it will require 3 things;

# 1 – Do it Afraid Your Life Expands In Proportion To Your Courage – UnknownWhat I realize is that my life truly has expanded anytime I was scared to do something and I just did it anyway. Who knew that moving forward even with knees knocking, teeth chattering would bring forth such a reward!! With this in mind, in what ways might you amplify your life and/or your business in 2017 if you just looked fear boldly in the face and dared to do that thing you know you must do, should do… and YOU moved forward with fear!!!

# 2 –Be Willing To Go To The Edge.  When you are free enough to move forward with fear and go out to the edge of your comfort zone, when you give yourself the freedom to step into your greatness, your boldness, your authenticity, your transparency, your personal truth even at the risk of being uncomfortable, to do something that you never thought you would do, to say something you never thought you would say or be, what happens if you begin to become someone that you’ve always known yourself to be. So often we want to stay comfortable doing the same old things we have done because it’s easy but it is when we do the hard thing, the difficult, not so easy where we find the biggest blessing. I know one of my biggest acts of courage was moving out of Los Angeles.  Moving from my hometown has really and truly expanded me in ways I never could have imagined.  The nugget I got from just my move (trust me there has been many areas of stretch in my life!) is that at some point you have to realize and know that you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable if you want to TRULY see growth in your life!  With that said, I must ask you, in what areas are you staying where you are because it is easy?  Because it is comfortable?  YES! This is a call to dare to go out into the unknown and BE UNCOMFORTABLE!!!  Yes let’s let go of old so that we can dare to hold on to something new!    

#3 –Get in Action!  When you are willing to go to the edge and do it dispite being afraid, it is only because you are also willing to do ALL that it takes to get there.  One of my favorite quotes is by Joan Baez that says – “Action is the antidote to despair” and if you want to move forward in your life, you have to take action.  You can’t just read and think about powerful new ideas, and think they will just happen, no you need to apply what you have learned.  You’ve got to do something today that you didn’t do yesterday. How did I move from broke to bankable?  I took ACTION.  I took bold radical ACTION and guess what. I didn’t do anything you can’t do.  So what is that dream that keeps you up at night wishing, hoping and praying for?  Well today my challenge to you is to get in ACTION.  To do a little something each and every day that moves you in the direction of your dreams.

These are the first 3 steps you MUST take to get to your #MORE17 trust there is more and I will pour into you along the way all year long!  But today I am inviting you to join me in the journey to your MORE for 2017. I need to know that you stand with me in this next level push to grow beyond where you are into your next level.  To not settle for good enough our mediocre but to allow yourself to ascend to new heights in bpth personally and professionally!   I want you along with me, believing that you’re extraordinary, that we’re extraordinary. Because we ARE. This movement to MORE is for us.

I’d love it if you’d pop over to my Facebook group and post, “Nicole, I’m with you. 2017 is my year for MORE!” with the hashtag #MORE17. I’ll meet you there.

Cheers to a 2017 of expanding what’s possible for you.  Here’s to your year of abundantly above all you could ever ask or think!


Nicole Roberts Jones works with women entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, authors & corporate executives to live as the highest version of who you were created to be using what she calls her FIERCE Formula. Her ultimate goals is to help her clients Bankroll Their BrillianceTo learn more and for updates on her programs or services join her mailing list at   

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