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Fear is Fuel

FuelWe all have a certain amount of fear in our lives.   Matter of fact, nine times out of ten, the things that scare us come from either the unknown or a similar experience that has happened to us in the past. Well instead of allowing fear to stop you and become the barrier to possibility, what if you learned to make fear work for you?

I have heard FEAR defined as False Evidence Appearing Real. So what if what you are afraid of only appears to be real?   What most people don’t understand is that when you look through the glasses of your past it makes you cling to that experience. It makes you cling to that and not what could be possible if you allowed yourself the space to take a risk, to learn from the past and even to move on with more strength and wisdom.  Fear ultimately comes because you are moving into the unknown and it if you ever want to grow beyond where you are, you have to know that Your Life Expands In Proportion To Your Courage – Unknown

Just reading that quote makes me realize that my life truly has expanded anytime I was scared to do something and just did it anyway. Who knew that starting my business at age 23 even with knees knocking, teeth chattering would bring forth such a reward some 22 years later!! I became a speaker with knees knocking, teeth chattering, I met my husband and moved away from California (the only state I had ever lived in) with knees knocking, teeth chattering, even now I am growing me in ways I never thought was possible with knees knocking and teeth chattering. In what ways might you amplify your life if you just looked fear boldly in the face and dared to do that thing you know you must do, should do and YOU did it afraid! You did it allowing fear to become your fuel.

So you may be asking, how do you turn fear around and use it as fuel that can propel you into your next level of possibility? Here are a few steps that can help.

  1. Look for evidence to that fear being real.Be clear about what’s scaring you and identify the underlying beliefs that are causing you to think that way. Understanding the root of your fear is the first step to determine whether they’re based in reality or doubt or just plain old uncertainty.
  1. Educate Yourself. When you are in unknown territory of course it’s scary. So find someone that is 10 steps ahead of you that can help you navigate where you are trying to go. Read their books, go to their conference, sign up for their coaching program, do all that you have to do to educate yourself and learn from this person that has been in the direction you are aiming to go.
  1. Take tiny steps. When you are venturing into something new, you don’t have to take it ALL on right away. Instead take tiny steps. After all, it is the feeling that you can’t do it, or the doubt that makes the feelings of fear overwhelm you. So make a list of the steps you can take to alleviate the risk by taking one small step at a time knowing that ultimately, each tiny step will get you to your destination of choice.
  1. Stay FOCUSED. There is a popular saying that focus means to” follow one course until successful” and when you decide you want to go after your dreams, that you are ready to do the work it takes to reach your goals created, you have to know that it’s going to take focus. That you are going to HAVE to follow the course until you reach the finished line. This will take a positive mindset and determination.   It will take the perseverance and wherewithal that you WILL NOT GIVE UP! That you will do whatever it takes to make it to that place you so deeply desire.

Allowing fear to become your fuel really will push you into your next level of possibility. It will open new doors for you and allow you to accomplish things you never could have imagined.  So the next time you feel fear trying to over take you and hold you back, get ready to stare it in the face and know that it cannot conquer you unless you allow it. Put on that courage and allow fear to become your fuel as you use the tools I have shared with you so that fear becomes exactly what you need to GROW YOU!


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