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Uncover the Unmet Need

UndercoverAs a content development coach, when I start working with a new client, I am often amazed at the number that share that what they want to create is based on what they see someone else is doing. What they don’t realize is that the reason that person is successful is because they found that one angle, that way of serving in the marketplace that no one else is doing.  So what advice do I give to that client? Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, if you want to truly be successful you have to uncover the unmet need in your marketplace. To do that you’ve got to put on your detective skills and find what is not seen, that untapped need that is not currently being served.   You have got to look beyond the surface and go undercover.

Think of it this way, the police officer that goes undercover does this so that they can find what is not easily seen. They do this because others have tried and failed to find the missing clues that will help them solve this case. Well when you are developing new programs to serve your clients, think of this as a case solving for their need, desire or want.   When you think about it this way, imagine if you approach developing programs like a detective. Imagine if you were able to uncover the evidence for their unmet need and create from there.  The key in obtaining this competitive advantage as a entrepreneur, is in knowing the ways your market is not being served. To uncover the unmet need, here are the 3 steps you can take via this stance as an undercover cop, that will allow you to serve in a new and different way;

  1. You Have to Be on The Inside. When the police bring in someone to go undercover, they have determined that the job cannot be accomplished from the outside. In this same vein you have to get inside of your marketplace to thoroughly understand what is going on. Think about it, you are more than likely doing what you are doing because you have been exactly where your clients are. Dare I say, you were once your very own client. So stop looking at yourself as the expert, as if you have arrived. You are still in the journey and if you can show your market that you are right there with them, you discover a whole new level of possibility. It is from this inside place, that you can see things from your client’s perspective. Don’t be so busy being on the mountaintop that you have forgotten what it feels like to be in the valley.  Let me ask you, what might you see if you remember what you have been through? If you allow your imperfection to show and if you allow your client to see you are in the journey with them. What might be reveled to you from being on the inside?   In what ways may you up level your serve right in the trenches with your clients?
  1. Become One Of Them. Now once you are on the inside, the key is to become one of them.  The key lies in remembering where you have been to teach from where your clients are, not where you want them to be. This is what helps great detectives get that classified information. Matter of fact as an undercover cop, it’s imperative that you are trusted enough in order to find out where the power is or where the influence is so you can infiltrate the system. So as you are developing programming, this is where your ability to see what is holding your clients back that will allow you to hold the space for their breakthrough. Think of any great detective on a TV show or movie, it is when that detective has successfully become one of them that they can see things from a whole different perspective. So go back and remember the lessons you learned and dare I even say where you were before you learned the lesson. Be comfortable with both your brilliance and your breakdown. It is because you ARE one of them that you can ask the questions that no one has asked, you can look in the places no one has looked and you can begin to TRULY uncover the ways your client is not being served.
  1. See What Has Never Been Seen Before. Once you master the first 2 steps, you will now be able to accomplish the most important factor of being undercover, which is to be able to see what has never been seen before. This is where you can find that untapped desire, need, and/or a pain point for your clients.  This reminds me of my client Kay (I am changing her name here) both she and her husband have a business together and they just were not doing well. They had been successful for many years but in the last few years their company had hit a very slow streak.  When I began to ask her about her market and what had been their biggest selling product, it was self-publishing for authors.   As she shared, all about the various components of this program, I felt a light bulb go off inside of me.  See I am someone who has published and self published a few books and I know this industry intimately first hand.    As Kay shared, I could see the hidden jewel in their system, which was their component on marketing your book.  So I said to Kay “that is the area of greatest need in your marketplace!”   I knew this because as an author I REALLY needed someone like Kay in my life to help me market my books.  I gave Kay homework to go and put on her detective hat and do a little undercover work in her marketplace.  Sure enough Kay found that this was an unmet need especially at the price point they were making it available.  So by finding what was not being addressed in her marketplace, Kay and her husband were able to restructure their business to now serve in a way that is a HUGE need in her marketplace.

So instead of looking at everyone else’s programs and building because you see someone else’s success, put on that detective hat and do a little investigative work. Go and uncover the clues that show you all the ways your clients are not currently being served in your marketplace. You have to know that there is a group of people waiting on you to serve them in a way that has never been done before! In a way that only you can do! All you need to do is go undercover if you want to find that competitive advantage in your marketplace that will allow your brilliance to take you to the bank.


Nicole Roberts Jones is known as The Inner Catalyst for her ability to draw out what’s best in YOU.  As the creator of the Find Your Fierce Formula, Nicole works with coaches, speakers, authors and entrepreneurs to develop income with impact using a system that gives you tools to effectively meet the needs of all those you are called to serve. To not only discover what makes your clients tick at a deep level but to help you Take Your Brilliance to the Bank. To learn more about Nicole’s Content Development Coaching or Find Your Fierce Message programs, please see

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