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As Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer for Omnicom Group, Tiffany leads the strategy that enhances the Omnicom vision to be a world class, benchmark company for sustainable diversity and inclusion and aligning this critical practice with the company’s business objectives and clients’ results.

Tiffany is a talent strategist with 19+ years of championing diverse professionals in the advertising industry. She is a heart director, a passionate hope dealer, and a dream defender.

During this episode, Tiffany will share how she shifted into a fearless mindset and connected to her passion. You’ll learn how to live in your most authentic self...

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Taniya Nayak is one of the nation’s foremost interior designers. She became a household name as a design expert member on HGTV and Food Network. Taniya owns a successful, Boston-based interior design firm, Taniya Nayak Design LLC., where she adds a fresh, clean look to both commercial and residential spaces.

During this episode, Taniya will share how she has shifted from her desires and dreams to an actual reality of success. She’ll talk about making bold moves in order to expand her personal and professional life.

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Deborah L. Tillman is a Consultant, Speaker, Author, Founder of Happy Home Child Learning Center, Inc., “America’s Supernanny” on Lifetime Television and President of The Parenting Movement a non-profit organization that seeks to rebuild and restores families worldwide.

Lifetime Television Executives have called her “a miracle worker” but Deborah humbly states that she is “a mom” and humble servant doing the work of the Lord with a LIGHT shining brightly for children and families everywhere.

During this episode, Deborah will share how she went from a super ‘succesfull’ accountant to America’s Super Nanny....

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Purpose. Power. Profit.

Nicole Roberts Jones is uniquely gifted at one thing–drawing out what’s best in YOU and helping you take your Brilliance To The Bank™. From her early days in the entertainment industry in Talent Management and Casting, she is the creator of the FIERCE Formula™ and now works with entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of income from what they already know, and corporate executives to position themselves for more profits, push their internal edge, and step into the true power of their gifts & talents.

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  • I got a stomach bug 😩😩 this was my 1st meal of the day 2 hours ago.  Healing slowly but I AM HUNGRY!!!! #RestRelaxRestore
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  • To move to your next level you need a new level of FAITH! 🙌🏽 It's going to take faith for you to step into your destiny and purpose. 🙌🏽 It's going to take faith for you to do it. Because you need faith to go beyond the familiar.

I have heard people say that fear is the opposite of faith, but really it’s familiarity. 
You don't need faith for the familiar!

You don't need faith to do what you have already done!

You don't need faith to accomplish what you have already accomplished!

You don't need faith for the comfortable!

You don't need faith for the practical! 🙌🏽 But you DO need faith to move to the next best version of who you were purposed to be!

When you're called from the familiar into your next level, where you are going is into a place you have never been before =  that  will require you to do things like you have never done = that is where you need your faith to kick in.

So stop looking for your next level to come easy or convenient. 🙌🏽 Look for it to require you to up level your FAITH!

So if you want 2019 to be abundantly above all you could ask or will require a NEW level of faith!
  • Listen in to Episode 13 of the Fierce Files at

or on Apple Podcasts at
  • Congratulations  to Yolanda Greene for joining Fierce Factor!!!! I'm so excited to work with you and see all the ways you #BankrollYourBrilliance over the next 8 weeks!

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  • What I hear from many women who want to grow their business is all they don't want to do.  They don't want to.... ✔ Do Facebook LIVE
✔ Post more in social media (they say...."I want to keep my facebook account  personal")
✔ I don't want people to be all in my business like that

And some only have facebook accounts and refuse to start using Instagram or understanding how to optimize their Linkedin account.

Even further some are posting but their is NO strategy around what they are posting and how that allows their value to be seen.

And what I say about that or anything close to it..... when you or your business does not have a visibility strategy, how do people find you?  How do they see you as the answer they want and need? Let alone hire you = pay you!

It’s like you are a caterpillar in a cocoon. 
Think about the big difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly. Actually to take it a step further, think about what a caterpillar must go through to come out of that cocoon and become a butterfly.

What you may not know is that a caterpillar must fight it’s way out of it’s cocoon. And for some business owners your inability to make a profit, just simply means you are hiding in your own cocoon and you haven't created or even thought about the strategy to GET OUT!. You are sitting comfortable and not allowing yourself to be seen for the value and beauty you can bring to someone’s business or life when you sit comfortable in that cocoon!! People only work with those they know, like and trust.

And being Facebook Famous, does NOT move your business forward. 
Creating strategic visability is the single, most powerful method you must use to grow your business. 
YOU must allow your gift to be seen both online and in person via multiple channels and move past staying comfortable in your cozy cocoon if you want your business to GROW!

#FindYourFIERCE #MORE18 #BankrollYourBrilliance #BeTheAnswer

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