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If you joined me for my weekly Facebook Live on Tuesday morning, you know that I shared with you from the topic – “Why You Secretly Long for MORE!” And what I have learned in the 20+ years I have been working with women to align your purpose with your paycheck, is that there are… Read More

I’m a huge Beyoncé fan and the whole notion of “Fierce” in my company was inspired by her stage persona, Sasha Fierce. However, one of the main things I love about Beyoncé isn’t her incredible voice, her larger than life productions, or even her ability to dance fiercely in heels for two hours across a… Read More

Imagine this: you are at work and you receive a call from your company’s CEO telling you that they no longer have the budget to pay you and he or she goes on to tell you that they need you to work for free. If you’re anything like me, you would be thinking to yourself… Read More

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Nicole Roberts Jones is uniquely gifted at one thing–drawing out what’s best in YOU and helping you take your Brilliance To The Bank™. From her early days in the entertainment industry in Talent Management and Casting, she is the creator of the FIERCE Formula™ and now works with entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of income from what they already know, and corporate executives to position themselves for more profits, push their internal edge, and step into the true power of their gifts & talents.

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  • I LOVE this quote by Jim Rohn because it has always been the goals I set that scared me that pushed me to grow in ways I never thought possible. 
In what ways might you go beyond your comfort zone to find the courage you never knew you had to become someone you always knew in the pit of your belly you were meant to become!

#FindYourFIerce #BeTheAnswer #NowsYourTime
  • Today I introduce you to FAB Squad Member Janice R. Love.

Janice is the CEO of Pearls Perfected a company committed to hold the space for those married to the ministry (first ladies as well as the wives of deacons, elders and other ministry leaders) teaching them how to create their own platform ALONGSIDE their husbands.  I equally LOVE that Janice started what she know is her calling alongside her 9 to 5.  Do you know you have a gift and not sure how to begin a business around it? 
Join Janice at Be The Answer. Register at and use the code elevate2018 to get $100 off your registration 
#FindYourFierce #BeTheAnswer #NowsYourTime
  • #TBT - Were you ever teased or talked about?

Well when I was little all my friends told me I talked to much!! And my family called me bossy!! Thinking about who I was then and who I am now I realize that I have always been focused on producing. 
Who knows what I was producing or trying to create in this picture but what I know for sure is we are all born with our purpose already in us? 
My question is, what are you doing to stand in the full power of it?  To grow it and expand your territory?

For me, I went from talking too much when I was little to getting paid to talk which most folks call being a speaker and..... I went from being a natural born producer to being a conduit for women to produce your gifts and talents into your paycheck. 
Knowing this is why for the 3rd year I am inviting an intimate group of women to join me for my 2-day Intensive called Be The Answer. 
Learn more & claim your seat (oh and get $100 off by using the code elevate 2018) by going to

#BeTheAnswer #FindYourFIerce #NowsYourTime
  • REMINDER - Go Get It - Week 1 starts in an hour.  Don't miss it!!!
  • REMINDER - Starting tomorrow & every Thursday for the 3 Thursdays left in August join me for ➡️➡️ GO GET IT

Tomorrow is week 1 titled - SHIFT Your Perspective

What I am going to share with you is the SHIFT that changed everything for me and moved me from making $13,000 in my business to making multiple six figures year after year. ✔Want to learn how I did it? ✔How I went from growing my business alongside my 9 to 5 to giving my 2 weeks notice and NOW writing my own paycheck? 
Join me in my facebook group at 8amEST ➡️➡️ 
Can't join us live? Join & watch the replays!

#GoGetIt #FindYourFierce #BankrollYourBrilliance
  • Today please meet FAB Squad Member Dionna Mitchell.

Dionna is the CEO of ManifestNow Movement and she helps  Millions Make and Serve Millions One movement at a time.  The other thing I LOVE about Dionna is that she was so committed to stand in the power of her gift that she did not wait to leave her POWERFUL job as a school VP, she started her business alongside her 9 to 5.

Are you ready to start your business alongside your 9 to 5?  Join Dionna at Be The Answer.  Register for your seat at <> and use the code elevate2018 to get $100 off your registration. 
#FindYourFierce #NowsYourTime #BankrollYourBrilliance #BeTheAnswer

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