Nicole Roberts Jones lights up a room and sets an audience on fire with her infectious, transformational workshops.


Find Your FIERCE

This workshop brings Nicole’s signature Find Your Fierce formula to life, and equips participants with 4 steps to successfully live as the highest and best person you were created to be. The tools given to participants in this workshop are designed to help them let go of self-imposed limits and finally getting to that magical breakthrough point that makes you utterly unstoppable + gives you the tools for activating the rumble in your belly. This is the stuff that gladiators are made of.

This is Nicole's signature topic and can be done as a keynote, 1 hour, 1/2 day or full day session.

Unleash Your Inner Gladiator

The Keys to WIN Before You Ever Start

While your gifts and talents are part of your DNA, standing in your personal power is a choice. The key is to build up your inner gladiator that will allow you to unleash your power and produce positive outcomes – for yourself, your family, at work – in the world. In this session, Nicole will teach the 3 steps it takes to unleash your inner gladiator so that you move into living as the highest and best version of who you were created to be. You will leave this workshop with tools to amplify yourself from within, and to get to the results you want to produce both personally and professionally more easily and confidently as you unleash your inner gladiator.

Additional Takeaways:
  • Move beyond what has held you back in life toward finding the lesson instead of staying stuck
  • Take control of your fears and gain confidence in your ability to create change and success.
  • Create an action plan for achieving your vision and goals.
  • Experience confidence, joy and freedom in living the life you choose

Get Paid to Be YOU

Are you overlooking that your expertise is the very thing people are looking for and will pay for? In this thought provoking workshop, Nicole walks you through her Find Your Fierce  Formula that will teach you all the ways to build programs and products that will allow you to build an empire from your expertise.

In This Workshop Nicole will Teach you:

  • Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail In Business And The One Critical Factor You Need To Be Successful.
  • How To Build Multiple Streams of Income from What Your Know
  • How To Make Money While You Sleep


The Power of Self: How Self-Awareness & Authenticity Improves Performance at Work

Do you struggle with presenting your authentic self at work? Do you ever feel like you have to wear a set of mask at work in order to navigate your professional role? Does the performance of your different selves weigh on you emotionally and psychologically? Do you want to learn proactive strategies to understand and manage this experience more effectively? Ultimately there is one thing standing between you and your ability or your employees ability to excel at work = linking your  performance with your purpose. In this powerful workshop, Nicole will walk you through how engagement, starts with understanding one key thing, alignment.  It is how your true gifts and talents align with company culture and your role at work that can make a substantial difference in not just your desire to do your job but to outperform all those around you.

Bankroll Your Brilliance

Leaders may love what they do, but there is an idea to start something or develop something that is keeping you up at night and you are asking yourself, how do I do this while working my 9 to 5?  What’s my Exit Strategy?  In her interactive workshop Nicole will equip participants with the key ingredients it takes to not only understand how to move from ideas to implementation but equip participants with the tools you need to build a highly impactful company alongside your 9 to 5.

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