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There's nothing wrong with being average, however who really signs up for being good enough?  So, if you REALLY want to create that breathtaking future you dream of, you will have to be willing to rise into what’s possible for you.  How do you know you are not rising into what’s possible? When you do… Read More

Who wants to be a mediocre entrepreneur?  You work hard to build a successful business but what if were to tell you that you could take it one step further and move into significance? To build a lasting impression in all those you serve for a lifetime.  So to move into a significant business, there… Read More

In my blog a few weeks ago, I shared with you, the 3 Reasons You MUST Do What You Love and this quote,  “Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life,” and I can’t agree with that statement more. However just loving what you do alone won’t get… Read More

Do you remember who Milli Vanili is?  Milli Vanili was an R&B duo who in the 90’s won a Grammy award for their debut single, “Girl You Know It’s True.” However their success instantly turned to scandal when their agent confessed that they did not sing any of the vocals heard on the record. Yes, they… Read More

Over the next few weeks, we will walk through each of the 4 steps to the Find Your FIERCE Framework which is how you align your purpose with profit. What I have discovered is that most people have 2 of these parts down already, but you really need all 4 to live as the highest… Read More

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