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Join me on Periscope + my gift TO YOU!

Have you heard about Periscope? Well if you’re not on Periscope yet, stay with me as I have a special gift for you. Periscope is the newest social media platform and I’ve been using it to share what I call a “Profitable Product Chat” weekly over the last three weeks in my goal of adding value out in cyber space.  As my brand genius friend Jennifer Kem put it, “for those of us in the online empire building class of entrepreneurs who are serious about at least one social media platform to dominate, Periscope is the new ‘it’ thing.” Well I have to tell you that I wasn’t feeling adding yet another social media platform to keep up with at first.  However with a nudge from Jen, I thought I would give it a weekly try.  Then, Ms. Jen hit me with the BIGGEST challenge of them all!   I called her on Tuesday because I really wanted to gift each and every one of you with something special for my birthday and I didn’t know what to give.  I called Jen to   tease out possibilities.  Well little did I know that she would hit me with a whammy as she said, “instead of giving them one thing, why not give them something EVERYDAY for the month of October”  and before I knew it PRODUCTpalooza was born! What is PRODUCTpalooza?  I am excited and a bit nervous to announce that each and every day for the month of October, my birthday month, I will hop on Periscoipe for a 15 to 20 minute chat to share the thing I am most passionate about.... read more

The 3 Things I Learned from Viola Davis

Hearing Viola Davis, Emmy winning speech reminded me that when we each stand in our gifts, we really do bless others.  After all, if Shonda Rhimes never fully exercised her gift of writing and developing great characters, Viola Davis would have NEVER had an opportunity to be cast for the role that ultimately put her in position to win the Emmy.  Additionally, if Viola did not study her craft of acting, after all she is a Julliard trained actress, when the opportunity came for her to audition for the part, she would have never been prepared when the opportunity was set before her.  Thinking about this makes me wonder how many of us are not fully exercising our gifts?  Are you growing your gift and developing it so that when opportunity comes your way, it is yours for the taking? Here’s what I know, you have a unique gift, talent, skill that was placed in you at birth.  It is something you are great at, that you love to do and quite frankly is valuable in someway to others. It’s what I call your DNA (Distinct Natural Abilities) and it is cultivated by an unwavering motivation toward it or a sense of purpose as you focus on growing it.  I actually call it your FIERCE because it often starts with a rumble in your belly that is calling you to do or to be this thing.  Most people never find their fierce, either because they don’t listen to that rumble in their belly, don’t believe they can do it or don’t even take time to acknowledge it’s presence in... read more

4 Steps to Define Your Why

Why Are You Here, is a question that plagued me years ago when I was working at a job I knew was not the best use of my gifts, actually I hated that job! The problem was, I may have hated that one but I did not know what job would be a great fit for me.   What I found then as I began to ponder this question,Why Are You Here,  is that I had been searching for an outside indicator for an inside answer. The answers I was looking for were already inside of me. What I learned in my own journey to why and now help others uncover as I coach countless others to define it, is that it takes a little digging deeply inside your own soul to uncover your passion. I realized that what kept me in the dark from my why was that I had not stopped to tap into my own gifts, talents and dreams. When I did this over 20 years ago, I felt like something in my belly came alive. I felt a fire in me! Like I had flipped on the switch to my power!   This power boost was when I unleashed my FIERCE. I call it my fierce because I felt like it was more than just flipping on my power. I felt so invigorated, alive, strengthened and restored just by tapping into ME! I could feel my composure shift as I filled up with a heartfelt and powerful intensity. You have to understand that we each are not in a race with a level of gifting that is beyond what... read more

Truth. Momentum. Power.

These three words are the essence of my Find Your Fierce FormulaTM, developed over more than 20 years of working with women. My focus and life’s mission is to guide women toward a thriving existence by discovering and implementing their highest, most purpose-based work. I’ve helped thousands of women through this discovery process—and I’ll help you too.

I’ll be your guide when the going gets tough. We’ll work together when things seem too difficult, too scary, too overwhelming to face. Together we will discover what makes you tick at a deep level and put the wheels in motion toward designing your breathtaking life or product that will serve your clients.

This work we’ll do together—I have to do it. I’m charged with it. It’s my responsibility. It’s what lights me up inside. It’s through guiding you and others that I’m able to uncover the best in myself. In you. In us.

Looking forward to our shared journey,