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3 Tips to Avoid The Biggest Mistake I Made as An Entrepreneur

Everybody makes mistakes when starting something new, however I did not realize how BIG of a mistake I had made until 17 years into my business. By that 17th year, my business looked very successful; I had 10 chapters of my youth program in 10 states and it was growing I had an 100% full coaching client roster, so I … Wrote & released my first book with the goal of continuing to give women the tools to take up the slack form my inability to take on another coaching client. Well when my book started to get popular… I started getting invitations to speak at women’s conferences, seminars and retreats all over the country. I was doing the exact thing I had started my business to do, matter of fact that I KNEW I was born to do! However I was only generating $13,000 a year. I wasn’t generating ANY profit! What happened in that moment? I realized if I wanted to something different, then I would need to do something different. I realized I needed help, so I hired a coach. Now I have to tell you my coach rocked my world in my first coaching session, when she said, “Nicole didn’t you tell me you were a adjunct professor at USC and at Boston University teaching program development and you also told me you had a consulting practice where you worked with schools, businesses and government officials building programs, RIGHT? Well the same way you developed new programs, new revenue streams for them, go do that FOR YOU!” OH MY GOODNESS! Just those words from that... read more

3 Steps to Move into Non-Negotiable for 2016!

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at the BOSS Network Annual Power Professional event in Chicago. If you haven’t heard about the BOSS Network, they were named by as one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women, and 10 Best Career Sites for Women. Black recently named them one of the 9 accounts to follow on Twitter. (learn more about BOSS at When BOSS Founder, Camera Smith, called me and asked me to speak at this event, I just knew that since we are at the dawn of a New Year, I had to charge up the ladies to move into their next level of possibility for 2016. So here are the 3 steps I shared to move you into Being Non-Negotiable in 2016. Step #1 –Stop Looking at Other People’s Grass & Water Your Own. You know that saying, the grass is greener on the other side, I have found that often times we spend so much time looking at other people’s gifts, thinking things like; I could never do that, WOW I wish I had what she has or anything of the like.  Instead, if we stop looking at everyone else’s gift and grow our own, we become a blessing to this world.  What you have to know is there is DNA that was placed in you at birth. I call that, your Distinct, Natural, Ability and that DNA in you was meant for you to BE YOU!  Your gift is not like anyone else’s gift which means your journey won’t look like anyone else’s either.   Once you know this you... read more

Truth. Momentum. Power.

These three words are the essence of my Find Your Fierce FormulaTM, developed over more than 20 years of working with women. My focus and life’s mission is to guide women toward a thriving existence by discovering and implementing their highest, most purpose-based work. I’ve helped thousands of women through this discovery process—and I’ll help you too.

I’ll be your guide when the going gets tough. We’ll work together when things seem too difficult, too scary, too overwhelming to face. Together we will discover what makes you tick at a deep level and put the wheels in motion toward designing your breathtaking life or product that will serve your clients.

This work we’ll do together—I have to do it. I’m charged with it. It’s my responsibility. It’s what lights me up inside. It’s through guiding you and others that I’m able to uncover the best in myself. In you. In us.

Looking forward to our shared journey,