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[Find Your Fierce Message Series] It’s More Than A Logo

A brand is more than a logo; it is the fingerprint, the pulse, the moniker of your company. It is an impression that exists in your customers’ minds created by what you stand for, how you make them feel and how you serve them. But did you know that you could actually influence this impression by defining your brand identity by offering what you do as a signature system. As an entrepreneur, whether you are one year in to your business or have been open for 10, I am sure you have discovered that most clients come to you looking to buy a solution to their problems, wants or needs.   They come looking to get to a result, so, rather than trying to sell your one on one coaching program, webinar or some other service, if you packaged all the ways you work with your clients into a signature system your clients will find a easier way to say yes to work with you. How you may ask? A signature system is a step-by-step method that helps foster trust in your work because your potential clients can more easily see how working with you gets them to a predictable result. In essence, when you create a signature system you create a higher perceived value on how something is accomplished as opposed to selling an individual service that does not clearing define a beginning, middle or end. Ultimately for you, creating signature systems makes doing business much easier because you have a simple way of describing what you do, and from it, you can develop multiple streams of income. How... read more

Fear is Fuel

We all have a certain amount of fear in our lives.   Matter of fact, nine times out of ten, the things that scare us come from either the unknown or a similar experience that has happened to us in the past. Well instead of allowing fear to stop you and become the barrier to possibility, what if you learned to make fear work for you? I have heard FEAR defined as False Evidence Appearing Real. So what if what you are afraid of only appears to be real?   What most people don’t understand is that when you look through the glasses of your past it makes you cling to that experience. It makes you cling to that and not what could be possible if you allowed yourself the space to take a risk, to learn from the past and even to move on with more strength and wisdom.  Fear ultimately comes because you are moving into the unknown and it if you ever want to grow beyond where you are, you have to know that Your Life Expands In Proportion To Your Courage – Unknown Just reading that quote makes me realize that my life truly has expanded anytime I was scared to do something and just did it anyway. Who knew that starting my business at age 23 even with knees knocking, teeth chattering would bring forth such a reward some 22 years later!! I became a speaker with knees knocking, teeth chattering, I met my husband and moved away from California (the only state I had ever lived in) with knees knocking, teeth chattering, even now I... read more

[Find Your Fierce Message Series] Uncover the Unmet Need

As a content development coach, when I start working with a new client, I am often amazed at the number that share that what they want to create is based on what they see someone else is doing. What they don’t realize is that the reason that person is successful is because they found that one angle, that way of serving in the marketplace that no one else is doing.  So what advice do I give to that client? Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, if you want to truly be successful you have to uncover the unmet need in your marketplace. To do that you’ve got to put on your detective skills and find what is not seen, that untapped need that is not currently being served.   You have got to look beyond the surface and go undercover. Think of it this way, the police officer that goes undercover does this so that they can find what is not easily seen. They do this because others have tried and failed to find the missing clues that will help them solve this case. Well when you are developing new programs to serve your clients, think of this as a case solving for their need, desire or want.   When you think about it this way, imagine if you approach developing programs like a detective. Imagine if you were able to uncover the evidence for their unmet need and create from there.  The key in obtaining this competitive advantage as a entrepreneur, is in knowing the ways your market is not being served. To uncover the unmet need, here are... read more

Truth. Momentum. Power.

These three words are the essence of my Find Your Fierce FormulaTM, developed over more than 20 years of working with women. My focus and life’s mission is to guide women toward a thriving existence by discovering and implementing their highest, most purpose-based work. I’ve helped thousands of women through this discovery process—and I’ll help you too.

I’ll be your guide when the going gets tough. We’ll work together when things seem too difficult, too scary, too overwhelming to face. Together we will discover what makes you tick at a deep level and put the wheels in motion toward designing your breathtaking life or product that will serve your clients.

This work we’ll do together—I have to do it. I’m charged with it. It’s my responsibility. It’s what lights me up inside. It’s through guiding you and others that I’m able to uncover the best in myself. In you. In us.

Looking forward to our shared journey,