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How I Became a Best-Selling Author in 60 Minutes

If you have been following me for a while, you know that at the beginning of this year I introduced a concept called the AVP award.  Here’s a little inside scoop, using the 3 key elements of AVP is how I became a best-selling author.  I created AVP so that women...

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It’s Time to BE THE ANSWER!!

***Join me today from 12 pm – 2 pm EST as I celebrate the release of my new book, Be The Answer! Go to to get your FREE copy, then post a note on my Facebook page by CLICKING HERE  to celebrate with me.** I had a huge epiphany moment in...

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3 Steps to Unleash Your SLAY

One of the new terms everyone uses these days is SLAY.  According to the urban dictionary SLAY means to succeeded in something amazing.  Well what if the very thing you should succeed in amazingly is YOU?  What I know for sure is that everyone has something special...

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Truth. Momentum. Power.

These three words are the essence of my Find Your Fierce FormulaTM, developed over more than 20 years of working with women. My focus and life’s mission is to guide women toward a thriving existence by discovering and implementing their highest, most purpose-based work. I’ve helped thousands of women through this discovery process—and I’ll help you too.

I’ll be your guide when the going gets tough. We’ll work together when things seem too difficult, too scary, too overwhelming to face. Together we will discover what makes you tick at a deep level and put the wheels in motion toward designing your breathtaking life or product that will serve your clients.

This work we’ll do together—I have to do it. I’m charged with it. It’s my responsibility. It’s what lights me up inside. It’s through guiding you and others that I’m able to uncover the best in myself. In you. In us.

Looking forward to our shared journey,